Annual Meetings

Each year CAIMS/SCMAI hosts an annual meeting for all members. This meeting is one of the central activities of CAIMS and has been held for over 30 years. The annual meeting covers all areas of applied and industrial mathematics with high profile speakers invited to give keynote addresses on currently active thematic areas.

  • CAIMS Annual Meeting 2017
    The 2017 CAIMS Annual Meeting will take place at Dalhousie University in 
    Halifax, Nova Scotia on July 17-21, 2017. The main themes for the meeting are

        Numerical Analysis
        Dynamical Systems and PDEs
        Data Analytics
        Fluid Dynamics
        Industrial Mathematics

    Information about the meeting can be found on

    The organizers would like to invite members to submit proposals form 
    minisymposia in those areas and any other area of interest. The submission 
    form can be found by clicking the submission tab on the above mentioned 
    webpage and following the minisymposium proposal link.

    Local organizing committee: David Iron, Theodore Kolokolnikov, Paul Muir.

Past Meetings