Canadian Study Group for Industry

The Canadian Study Group for Industry is a key element in the collaboration of Canadian Applied Mathematicians with Industry. Study groups in Canada have been run since 1997 and offer industry the opportunity (perhaps link here to a brief description of what goes on?) to have a dedicated group of applied mathematicians analyse their problems for 1 week, culminating in the proposal of solution strategies. The Canadian Study Group for Industry is endorsed by CAIMS/SCMAI, but runs autonomously and is governed by the CSGI committee (insert link to committee membership) and funded by the Mathematics Institutes as part of their industrial outreach. • Industrial organisations wishing to have problems considered at the next CSGI should contact the current chair: Nilima Nigam (SFU). • The next (22nd) CSGI will be held at YYYY (organisers: Sean Bohun (UOIT), Mary Pugh (Toronto) and Hongmei Zhu (York).) A record of proceedings from previous CSGI can be found here: PIMS, Fields, CRM (insert links to each institutional page) The CSGI has been held continuously since 1997, as follows: • 22nd CSGI: August 20-24 2012 Fields-MITACS Study Group on Medical Imaging • 21th CSGI: August 15-19 2011 Fourth Montreal Industrial Problem Solving Workshop • 20th CSGI: August 16-20 2010 Fields-MITACS Industrial Problem-Solving Workshop (FMIPW) • 19th CSGI: August 17-21 2009 Third Montreal Industrial Problem Solving Workshop • 18th CSGI: June 22-26, 2009 OCCAM-Fields-MITACS, Math-in-Medicine Study Group (Biomedical Problems Solving Workshop) • 17th CSGI: May 20-24, 2009 13th Annual IPSW (Calgary) • 16th CSGI: August 18-22 2008 Second Montreal Industrial Problem Solving Workshop • 15th CSGI: August 11-15 2008 Fields-MITACS Industrial Problem-Solving Workshop (FMIPW) • 14th CSGI: June 11-15, 2008 12th Annual IPSW (Regina) • 13th CSGI: August 20-24 2007 First Montreal Industrial Problem Solving Workshop • 12th CSGI: June 11-15, 2007 11th Annual IPSW (Alberta) • 11th CSGI: August 14-18 2006 Fields-MITACS Industrial Problem-Solving Workshop (FMIPW) • 10th CSGI: June 26-30, 2006 10th Annual IPSW (SFU) • 09th CSGI: May 15-19, 2005 9th Annual IPSW (Calgary) • 08th CSGI: May 17-21, 2004 8th Annual IPSW (UBC) • 07th CSGI: May 25-29, 2003 7th Annual IPSW (Calgary) • 06th CSGI: May 27-31, 2002 6th Annual IPSW (UBC) • 05th CSGI: June 18-22, 2001 5th Annual IPSW (Washington) • 04th CSGI: May 29-June 2, 2000 4th Annual IPSW (Edmonton) • 03rd CSGI: May 31-June 4, 1999 3rd Annual IPSW (Victoria) • 02nd CSGI: June 1-5, 1998 2nd Annual IPSW (Calgary) • 01st CSGI: August 25-29, 1997 1st Annual IPSW (UBC) Similar activities are held in other countries around the world: