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Industrial Mathematics

Activity Group leaders:

Brian Wetton, University of British Columbia,
Iain Moyles, York University,

Canadian applied mathematicians are active in all industrial sectors, contributing to innovation and the solution of complex technical projects. In many instances mathematics is one component of a larger technical problem (or offers one possible avenue for solution). Industrial mathematics is a broad terminology that describes this activity, both carried out academically and within industry. Mathematical techniques associated with industrial mathematics include the following.

  • Mathematical modelling: describing physical, financial or other systems in terms of mathematical equations.Traditional areas of application have led to models described in terms of differential equations, dealing with areas of mechanics, but models can also be based on discrete and algorithmic mathematical models, and involve probabilistic/stochastic modeling
  • Optimization techniques: discrete or continuous based
  • Approximation and analysis techniques: dimensional analysis, asymptotics, etc
  • Techniques of scientific computation

Many CAIMS/SCMAI members are active in industrial mathematics across Canada. Collaborative research is performed with industrial companies and governmental organisations. Researchers receive support and funding from MITACS, Mprime, NSERC, PIMS, Fields, CRM, Canadian CDC, PHAC as well as directly from collaborating organisations.

The CAIMS-Mprime industrial mathematics prize is awarded annually in recognition of exceptional research in any branch of industrial mathematics. Many CAIMS/SCMAI members participate regularly in the Canadian Study Group for Industry and in associate graduate training activities.


The Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society, which dates from 1979, has a growing presence in industrial, mathematical, scientific and technological circles within and outside of Canada.

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