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Arthur Beaumont Distinguished Service Award

The Arthur Beaumont Distinguished Service Award honours members of CAIMS/SCMAI for outstanding service to the society or to Applied Mathematics in Canada. The award is named after its first recipient, and was initiated as a means to honour Arthur for his years of unselfish service to the society. Arthur was a founding member of CAIMS/SCMAI and acted as its Secretary/Treasurer for eight years.

The award will consist of a commemorative plaque that will be presented at the CAIMS/SCMAI Annual Meeting. A travel allowance will be provided.

Nominations shall consist of:

  1. a letter outlining the candidate’s contributions to Canadian Applied Mathematics and signed by at least two CAIMS members
  2. a curriculum vitae of the nominee

To submit an application for this award, go to Open Nominations page.

The committee may, at its discretion, choose to recommend that applications which remain eligible be considered in the next year.

Image of James Colliander

2021 Prize Winner: James Colliander

This award is given to Prof. James Colliander (UBC) in recognition of outstanding service to applied and industrial mathematics at many levels in Canada. He has been PIMS Director since 2016 and has shown extraordinary leadership and ability to act on emerging opportunities in data science and scientific computing. He developed Syzygy a cloud hosted platform that is used by Universities in Canada and the USA. Based on this, Callysto was developed for school grades 5-12 that is now widely used in classrooms, and Jupyter that is used by faculty and students to share research work. Dr. Colliander also organised bc-data events, and a workshop Math to Power Industry to connect students and faculty with industrial partners. His efforts have resulted in a better computational infrastructure for applied and industrial mathematicians in Canada as well as increased access to computational resources for educators at all levels, from K-12 to postsecondary.

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Arthur Beaumont