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CAIMS-Fields Industrial Mathematics Prize

The CAIMS-Fields annual industrial mathematics prize is to be awarded to a researcher in recognition of exceptional research in any branch of industrial mathematics, interpreted broadly. The nominee’s research should have been conducted primarily in Canada. This Prize is a high honour to bestow upon an individual, and acknowledges industrial mathematics as a fundamental and vibrant discipline within the research culture of Canada.

The award will consist of a cash prize of $1,000 and a commemorative plaque that will be presented at the CAIMS Annual Meeting. The recipient will be invited to deliver a lecture at the CAIMS Annual Meeting in the year of the award. A travel allowance will be provided.

Nominations shall consist of:
  1. a cover letter explaining the basis of the nomination
  2. up to three additional letters of support
  3. a curriculum vitae
  4. a publication list if not included in the CV
  5. a brief discussion of why there is a strong relationship to Canada. Examples of such a relationship include:
    • The nominee is a member of CAIMS-SCMAI
    • The nominee holds a position at a Canadian institution
    • The research for which the prize is being given was conducted primarily
      in Canada

The committee may, at its discretion, choose to recommend that applications which remain eligible be considered in the next year.

To submit an application for this award, go to Open Nominations page.

The Fields Institute began co-sponsoring this prize in 2015. The prize was formerly known as the CAIMS-Mprime Industrial Mathematics Prize, during which time Mprime was the co-sponsor.


2022 Prize Winner: Raymond Spiteri

Prof. Raymond Spiteri (University of Saskatchewan) is an Applied Mathematician known for his academic work in Numerical Analysis in an impressive diversity of application areas. He is a Professor in Computer Science and Director of the Centre for High-Performance Computing at the University of Saskatchewan. His strong contribution to outreach projects has made him the recipient of the CAIMS-Fields Industrial Prize this year. The Saskatchewan Police Service describe him as “a key partner in an exciting and innovative initiative designed to advance the use of advanced analytics within Canadian policing and is viewed as an industry leader in this regard”. KeyLeaf (a Canadian company specializing in the extraction and purification of natural products from plant-based raw materials) describe Ray in their collaboration as “an innovative, tireless researcher focused on the advancement of Canadian academia and industry using applied mathematics and computing technology.”

Award Winners

Raymond Spiteri

Nilima Nigam

Vakhtang Putkaradze

Jianhong Wu

Zhangxing (John) Chen

Huaxiong Huang

Sean Bohun

John Stockie

André Fortin

Ian Frigaard

Brian Wetton