Conceptual illustration of radiating lines

His and Her Mathematical Models

March 9, 2020

Anita Layton, UWaterloo,  March 8, 2020   Imagine someone having a heart attack. Do you see the “classic heart attack”, in which a man collapses, grabbing his chest in agony? What you have just imagined is the typical dramatic Hollywood portrayal of a heart attack, and that is almost always depicted for a man. In…

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Fighting Coronavirus with Mathematics

February 12, 2020

Dan Coombs, UBC,  February 7, 2020   The beginning of 2020 has seen the emergence of a new public health threat: a transmissible respiratory infection caused by a novel coronavirus, or nCoV. The purpose of this post is to briefly describe how scientists around the world are using mathematical modelling to understand the disease spread…

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CAIMS-SCMAI Ethical Guideline

January 24, 2020

I use this blog to present an Ethical Guideline, as it was discussed with the CAIMS board during 2018/19. All CAIMS-SCMAI members and all participants of CAIMS-SCMAI supported activities are expected to adhere to the following ethical principles: Equity and Diversity Event organizers are committed to make CAIMS events productive and enjoyable for everyone, regardless…

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Welcome to the CAIMS-SCMAI Blog

January 23, 2020

Web-blogs have become a new medium of information exchange. The members of the  Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematical Society work on hot topics, relevant to every-day issues such as epidemic spread, medical treatments, climate change, species dynamics, financial markets, industrial products and processes, and many more. Our members have invested considerable time and energy to…

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