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Canadian Symposium on Fluid Dynamics

The Canadian Symposium on Fluid Dynamics started in 1974 and runs biennially, bringing together Canadian and international researchers from diverse areas of fluid dynamics. The symposium is run autonomously by a group of co-organizers, but is endorsed by CAIMS/SCMAI and since 1998 has been run in conjunction with the CAIMS/SCMAI annual meeting.

Since 2019 the CSFD is organised by a standing committee, to ensure continuity between symposia. The present committee consists of: P. Bartello (McGill), Y. Bourgault (Ottawa), I. Frigaard (UBC), N. Kevlahan (McMaster), B. Sutherland (Alberta), S.M. Taghavi (Laval) and J.-L. Thiffeault (Wisconsin).

The 25th CSFD will be held during the CAIMS Annual Meeting at Queen’s University (Kingston, ON) June 24-27, 2024

This will be a special edition, since CSFD celebrates its 50th anniversary. The organizers of the 25th CSFD are:

  • Ian Frigaard, University of British Columbia (
  • Nicholas Kevlahan, McMaster University (
  • Giusy Mazzone, Queen’s University (
  • Seyed M. Taghavi, Université Laval (

We are pleased to announce that the CSFD Plenary Speaker at CAIMS 2024 will be Annalisa Quaini (University of Houston).

The 25th CSFD organizing committee gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Fields Institute for Research in the Mathematical Sciences.

Previous CSFD:

  • 24th CSFD in cyberspace, July 9-10 2020 – Organizers: CSFD standing committee
  • 23rd CSFD at Ryerson University, June 4-7 2018 – Organizers: J.P. Pascal (Ryerson), K. Rohlf (Ryerson), and N. Kevlahan (McMaster).
  • 22nd CSFD at University of Alberta, June 26-30 2016 – Organizers: R. Krechnetnikov (U of A) and M. Waite (Waterloo).
  • 21st CSFD at University of Saskatchewan, June 22-26, 2014 – Organizers: L. Campbell (Carleton), P. Minev (Alberta) and R. Owens (Montreal).
  • 20th CSFD at University of Toronto, June 24-28, 2012 – Organizers: I. Frigaard (UBC), R. Karsten (Acadia) and B. Protas (McMaster).
  • 19th CSFD at Memorial University of Newfoundland, June 17-20, 2010 – Organizers: S. Kocabiyik (MUN), I. Frigaard (UBC), R. Karsten (Acadia), B. Protas (McMaster)
  • 18th CSFD at Université de Quebec a Montreal, June 1-5, 2008 – Organizers: J. Bowman (Alberta), L. Campbell (Carleton), K. Schneider (Provence, Marseille), L. van Veen (Concordia)
  • 17th CSFD at York University, Toronto, June 15-20, 2006 – Organizers: N. Kevlahan (McMaster), M. Stastna (Waterloo), F. Poulin (Waterloo)
  • 16th CSFD at Dalhousie University, Halifax, June 13-15, 2004 – Organizers: unknown
  • 15th CSFD at University of Calgary, June 8-10, 2002 – Organizers: unknown
  • 14th CSFD at McMaster University, June 10-13, 2000 – Organizers: unknown
  • 13th CSFD at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, May 28-31, 1998 – Organizers: unknown
  • 12th CSFD at University of Manitoba, May, 1996 – Organizers: unknown
  • 11th CSFD at University of Alberta, June 10-12, 1994 – Organizers: unknown
  • 10th CSFD at University of New Brunswick, Saint John, June 4-6, 1992 – Organizers: unknown
  • 9th CSFD at University of Western Ontario, June 11-13, 1990 – Organizers: unknown
  • 8th CSFD at Université de Ottawa, June 6-8, 1988 – Organizers: unknown
  • 7th CSFD at Mount Allison University, June 2-5, 1986 – Organizers: unknown
  • 6th CSFD at McGill University, June 4-6, 1984 – Organizers: unknown
  • 5th CSFD at University of Windsor, June 6-9, 1982 – Organizers: unknown
  • 4th CSFD at University of Calgary, June , 1980 – Organizers: unknown
  • 3rd CSFD at University of Toronto, June 5-8, 1978 – Organizers: unknown

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