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EDI and Membership

A: Terms of Reference

The Equity, Diversity, Inclusiveness and Membership Committee (EDIM) of CAIMS mandate is to 

  1.  Review, monitor, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors of The Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society (BOD-CAIMS) regarding the position and interests of women, First Nations, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ+ communities, as well as other underrepresented groups in Canada and our Society.
  2. Recommend action plans to BOD-CAIMS that advance and promote equity, diversity, inclusivity, accessibility for all groups identified in A.1.
  3. Ensure equitable treatment of the groups identified in A.1 in the mathematical community.
  4. Review and recommend BOD-CAIMS strategies to encourage the participation of all groups identified in A.1 in applied and industrial mathematics at all levels.


B: Duties and Responsibilities

The committee will examine and develop action plans in the spirit of this committee’s mandate and recommend them for approval to BOD-CAIMS. In carrying out the above, EDIMC will:

  1. In Year 1, perform an EDI audit of CAIMS.
  2. Ensure that conferences and seminars are accessible and welcoming to all groups identified in A.1.
  3. Review, monitor, and prepare award nominations to ensure equal opportunity for all of our Society’s awards.  EDIMC is encouraged to schedule at least one nomination per competition cycle actively.
  4. Organize network activities and monitor all activities that support all underrepresented groups in their careers in mathematics research and teaching.
  5. Within their mandate, take proactive actions to all issues related to inequality, discrimination, racism, and any other type of offensive behaviour.
  6. Advise the Board of Directors in all EDIMC related issues.
  7. Promote CAIMS membership on all levels; provide annual reminders to all CAIMS stakeholders to renew their membership and become proactive in recruiting new members.

Current Members

Christina Christara

Rebecca Tyson

Colin Macdonald

Alexander Bihlo

Amy Hurford

Past Members

David Iron

Lilia Krivodonova

Jacques Bélair

James Watmough

Lucy Campbell

Justin Wan

Troy Day

Adam Metzler

Thomas Hillen

Matt Davison