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CAIMS*SCMAI E-News Volume 04 Number 2
April 22, 2004

Editor: Sue Ann Campbell (sacampbell@uwaterloo.ca)


Society News

1. Travel grants for Toulouse Mathematics Meeting

News from the Institutes

2. The Fields Institute appoints new director.

Other News

3. Message from the President of ICIAM


4.* International Congress on Medical and Care Compunetics

5.* The 2004 International Multiconference in Computer Science
and Computer Engineering

6.* World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society Conferences

7. CAIMS*SCMAI E-News Information

* Links to the web pages for these and other conferences can be found
by clicking on “Upcoming Meetings and Workshops” at the CAIMS*SCMAI home
page: www.caims.ca/.



From: “Christiane Rousseau” <rousseac@dms.umontreal.ca>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 15:41:14 -0400

La date limite a ete reportee au 30 avril.
The deadline has been changed to April 30.

REMINDER: the deadline is approching
RAPPEL: la date limite approche

Student-postdocs travel awards

This program is sponsored by CMS, CAIMS, SSC, CRM, the Fields institute
and PIMS.

Around 15 travel Grants of $500 will be awarded to graduate students and
postdocs attending Toulouse-2004 and presenting a poster in the poster

Applicants must be graduate students or postdocs, at a Canadian
University or Institute. To apply for this funding, please have a letter
written by your Supervisor or departmental Graduate Advisor, briefly
answering the following: Name of Student, Area of study and level, How
will the student benefit from the meeting? Will the student be
presenting a poster?

Please have this emailed before April 30 2004 to
gradtravel-toulouse@cms.math.ca. Applicants will be notified early in
May of the funding decision.

If successful, the student or postdoc will receive the cheque on showing
the receipt for registration at the Toulouse meeting.

Programme de bourses de voyages etudiants-postdocs

Ce programme de bourses est finance par la SMC, la SCMAI, la SSC, le
CRM, l’Institut Fields et le PIMS.

Une quinzaine de bourses de voyages sont disponibles pour les
etudiants de cycles superieurs et les postdocs qui participeront a
Toulouse 2004 et feront une presentation par affiche. Les demandeurs
doivent etre des etudiants de deuxieme ou de troisieme cycle ou
des postdocs inscrits dans une universite canadienne ou un institut
mathematique. Toute demande de bourse doit etre accompagnee d’une
lettre du superviseur de l’etudiant ou de la personne responsable des
etudes superieures de son departement, dans laquelle il ou elle
indiquera brievement le nom de l’etudiant, son domaine et son niveau
d’etudes, en quoi le congres sera profitable a l’etudiant, si
l’etudiant fera une presentation par affiche et si l’etudiant a
acces a d’autres sources de financement de son universite
(bourses, subventions, etc.).

Cette lettre doit etre envoyee par courriel avant le 30 avril 2004
a (subventions-toulouse@smc.math.ca). Les decisions seront
annoncees autour du 1er mai 2004.

Si une bourse est accordee a l’etudiant, elle sera versee a ce
dernier sur presentation du recu d’inscription a Toulouse 2004.

Christiane Rousseau
Departement de mathematiques et de statistique
Universite de Montreal
C.P. 6128, succ. Centre-ville
Montreal (Quebec) H3C 3J7
Tel: (514) 343-7729, Fax: (514) 343-5700
Presidente de la societe mathematique du Canada



From: Laura Gass <lgass@fields.utoronto.ca>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 10:34:06 -0500


March, 2004. TORONTO, ONTARIO – Barbara Lee Keyfitz, Professor of
Mathematics, of the University of Houston, has been appointed Director of
the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, beginning July
1, 2004.

Barbara Keyfitz has made profound and original contributions to applied
mathematics, particularly in the study of nonlinear partial differential
equations such as those arising in the study of fluid flow or transonic
shock waves. She has a distinguished record of research, mentoring, and
service to her profession. Her undergraduate training took place at the
University of Toronto, and she obtained her PhD from New York University’s
Courant Institute, prior to holding positions at Columbia University,
Princeton University, and Arizona State University. She continues as the
John and Rebecca Moores Professor at the University of Houston. She is a
Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and is
chair elect of their Mathematics section. She is an officer of the
International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and has made
numerous contributions as a reviewer and advisor to the Canadian Natural
Sciences and Engineering Council. She was recently awarded the Canadian
Mathematical Society’s Krieger-Nelson Prize, has served as a Vice President
of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and is incoming
President of the Association for Women in Mathematics.

The Fields Institute is a centre for mathematical research activity – a
place where mathematicians from Canada and abroad, from universities,
industry and financial institutions, can come together to carry out research
and formulate problems of broad mutual interest. The institute’s mission is
to provide a supportive and stimulating environment for mathematics
innovation and education. The Fields Institute promotes mathematical
activity in Canada and helps to expand the application of mathematics in
modern society.

Major funding is provided by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and
Universities (MTCU) and by the federal Natural Sciences and Engineering
Research Council (NSERC). The Fields Institute counts as corporate sponsors
Algorithmics, General Motors, Generation 5, the IFID Centre, Sigma Analysis
and Management, and TmBioscience. The institution is a collaboration of six
principal sponsoring universities
– McMaster University, the University of Ottawa, the University of Toronto,
the University of Waterloo, the University of Western Ontario, and York
University, and is located on the campus of the University of Toronto.
Other affiliated universities are Carleton University, Iowa State
University, Queen’s University, the University of Guelph, the University of
Manitoba, the University of Maryland, the University of Notre Dame, and the
University of Saskatchewan.

For more information, call or e-mail the Fields Institute at
geninfo@fields.utoronto.ca or 416-348-9710, or consult



From: Ian Sloan <i.sloan@unsw.edu.au>
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 02:47:32 -0400

Dear Colleague:

On May 22 the Board of ICIAM (consisting of representatives of ICIAM’s
member societies) will have its annual meeting in Zurich.

This is the opportunity for member societies to help shape the future
of the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, as
well as to hear the final reports of the last Congress (ICIAM 2003 in
Sydney), discuss the plans for the next Congress (ICIAM 2007 in
Zurich), and to begin the bid selection process for ICIAM 2011. I
shall write another message after the meeting to tell you some of its

In this message I want to focus on electronic issues.

While ICIAM now has a web site of which we can be proud (see
www.iciam.org), it is our friends in the International Mathematical
Union (IMU) who are setting the pace in the electronic communication of

First, the IMU has developed a “Best Practices” document (see
www.ceic.math.ca/Publications/Recommendations/3_best_practices.html) on
the electronic communication of mathematical research. This document
contains fifteen recommendations, variously directed at mathematicians,
librarians and publishers. The recommendations concern matters such as
format of scientific papers (logical structure is encouraged), versions
of papers (successive versions of papers should be given a separate
number), archiving and personal homepages (standardised home pages are
strongly encouraged, see

The ICIAM Board, at its Sydney meeting in July 2003, has endorsed the
IMU’s Best Practices document. In the spirit of that endorsement, I
want now to encourage all member societies, and through them the
applied mathematics community generally, to consider carefully the Best
Practices document, and to encourage implementation of its

(Of course you might disagree with some of the recommendations. In
that case I would be very pleased to hear your views.)

The second commendable initiative of the IMU is the launch of an
electronic newsletter, called IMU-Net. The fourth edition of IMU-Net,
just issued, contains several articles of interest to the ICIAM
community — for example “What can you do about journal prices” — and
mathematical news items, such as the just-announced winners of the Abel
Prize. (One of the two Abel Prize winners, Michael Atiyah, is well
known to the ICIAM community through his inspiring leadership of the
Organising Committee for ICIAM 1999 in Edinburgh). I commend IMU-Net
to you. To find how to subscribe, go to www.mathunion.org/IMU-Net.

I look forward to meeting many of you in Zurich. (If the nominated
representative cannot attend, please do consider the option of nominating
another person, even if just for the one meeting. If all else fails, you
can even nominate someone not belonging to your society.)

Until next time,

Ian H. Sloan
President of ICIAM
April, 2004

P.S. Feel free to reprint this message in your member society’s

Professor Ian H Sloan
School of Mathematics
University of New South Wales
Sydney NSW 2052

Email: I.Sloan@unsw.edu.au
Fax: +61 2 9385 7123 (international), 02 9385 7123 (national)
Telephone: +61 2 9385 7038 (international), 02 9385 7038 (national)
Home page: http://www.maths.unsw.edu.au/~sloan

Scientia Professor, University of New South Wales

President, International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Chief Investigator, Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for
Mathematics and Statistics of Complex Systems,

*** Editor’s Notes: ***

* CAIMS*SCMAI will be represented at the May 22 ICIAM Board Meeting
by our President, Ken Jackson.
* If you have opinions about the IMU’s “Best Practices” document
please forward them to a CAIMS*SCMAI Board member or to the
Society (caims@caims.ca/).



From: ICMCC Conference Secretary <iccsmd@science.uva.nl>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 10:25:03 +0200 (CEST)

* ICMCC 2004
* International Congress on Medical and Care Compunetics
* NCC, The Hague, The Netherlands
* June 2-4, 2004
* http://www.icmcc.com

Registration is open for the International Congress on Medical and Care
Compunetics 2004 (www.icmcc.com).

ICMCC is a yearly event aimed at all those involved in medical and care
ICT, from scientists to doctors, to patients. It is an international
platform for scientific developments, industrial innovation as well as
policy discussions. It also is a platform for established international
groups and institutions.

ICMCC is endorsed by the IFMBE and the EC and backed by outstanding
scientists from IEEE, IFMBE, EHTEL, EAMBES and HL7.

This unique platform event will take place from June 2-4 in The Hague,
The Netherlands.

This years ICMCC offers 18 workshops and presents results from 12 EC
IST projects.

During the event there will be assistance for those who seek partners or
funding for EC fp6 projects.

For the full program see:

For registration: http://www.icmcc.com/php/show.php?p=icmccregistration

Please note that early registration will be valid till April 19.



From: Hamid Arabnia <hra@cs.uga.edu>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 16:54:15 -0400

Call For Papers: Post-Conference Proceedings (Due Date: May 4, 2004)

The 2004 International Multiconference in Computer Science
and Computer Engineering
(Joint Int’l Conferences)

Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
June 21-24, 2004

This is a Call For Papers for publications in post-conference
proceedings/books; if accepted, papers would be published in the
proceedings AFTER the conferences. This announcement is ONLY
for those who missed the opportunity to submit their papers
in response to earlier announcements (authors who have already
been notified that their papers have been accepted should
ignore this announcement.)

We have received a large number of requests for permission to
submit papers to be considered as RRR, SRP, or PST papers
(see below for categories of accepted papers.)
I am happy to report that we now have the infrastructure to
consider all such submissions if received by May 4, 2004.

You are invited to submit a draft paper (see instructions below.)
All accepted papers submitted in response to this Call For Papers
will be published in the respective Post-Conference proceedings/books.
The Post-Conference proceedings will be available after the
conferences. We expect to have about 1500 attendees for the
whole event.

The Joint Conferences are:

O. The 2004 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed
Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA’04)

O. The 2004 International Conference on Artificial
Intelligence (IC-AI’04)

O. The 2004 International Conference on Imaging Science,
Systems, and Technology (CISST’04)

O. The 2004 International Conference on Modeling, Simulation
and Visualization Methods (MSV’04)

O. The 2004 International Conference on Software Engineering
Research and Practice (SERP’04)

O. The 2004 International Conference on Information and
Knowledge Engineering (IKE’04)

O. The 2004 International Conference on Embedded Systems and
Applications (ESA’04)

O. The 2004 International Conference on Internet Computing (IC’04)

O. The 2004 International Conference on Wireless Networks

O. The 2004 International Symposium on Web Services and
Applications (ISWS’04)

O. The 2004 International Conference on Pervasive Computing
and Communications (PCC’04)

O. The 2004 International Conference on Security and Management

O. The 2004 International Conference on Mathematics and Engineering
Techniques in Medicine and Biological Sciences (METMBS’04)

O. The 2004 International Conference on Machine Learning; Models,
Technologies and Applications (MLMTA’04)

O. The 2004 International Conference on Communications
in Computing (CIC’04)

O. The 2004 International Conference on VLSI (VLSI’04)

O. The 2004 International Conference on Algorithmic Mathematics
and Computer Science (AMCS’04)

(a link to each conference’s url can be found at
http://www.world-academy-of-science.org )

You are requested to submit your paper for consideration to the
following site (in electronic form):

SUBMISSION OF PAPERS (for consideration for publication in
Post-Conference proceedings):

Prospective authors are invited to submit their papers
(about 5 pages – single spaced and font size of 10 to 12 –
all reasonable typesetting format is acceptable) to
by May 4, 2004. The length of the Camera-Ready papers (if
accepted) will be limited to 7 (IEEE style) pages. Papers must
not have been previously published or currently submitted for
publication elsewhere. The first page of the paper
should include: title of the paper, name, affiliation,
postal address, E-mail address, telephone number, and Fax
number for each author. The first page should also include the
name of the conference the paper is being submitted to.
All submissions will be reviewed by two people and if accepted
will be published in the post-conference proceedings/books.


May 4, 2004: Submissions Due
May 14, 2004: Notification of acceptance
June 1, 2004: Camera-Ready papers & Registration
June 21-24, 2004: Joint Int’l Conferences


The Accepted Paper Categories are (in response to this Call For

RRR papers (Regular Research Report) will be a maximum of 7 IEEE
style pages in Camera-Ready form (will be published in the
proceedings). RRR papers will be presented in Discussion Sessions.
Authors of these papers are expected to bring with them to
the conference a maximum of 10 pages describing their paper.
These pages will be pinned to presentation boards during
the Discussion Sessions. Please use large fonts so that
the paper can be read from about 1.5 meter distance – any
reasonable typesetting format is acceptable. Authors of
RRR papers are expected to be present during these sessions
to answer any questions that readers might have (scheduled
times for Discussion Sessions will be emailed to you in June.
Please note that you are still required to send us the
Camera-Ready of your paper by the due date for publication
in the post-conference proceedings. Your Camera-Ready paper
should not exceed 7 IEEE style pages.

SRP papers (Short Research Paper): Same as RRR papers (above)
except SRP papers will be a maximum of 4 IEEE style pages in
Camera-Ready form (will be published in the proceedings).

PST papers (Poster Paper): Same as RRR papers (above)
except PST papers will be a maximum of 2 IEEE style pages in
Camera-Ready form (will be published in the proceedings).



and BIOMEDICINE” <nata@wseas.org>
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2004 08:17:42 -0500

World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society Conferences


Special Session at 8th WSEAS International Conference on Computers,
12 – 15 July
2004, Vougliameni, Greece.

Professor Yianni Attikiouzel, Murdoch University, Western Australia.
Professor Martin Cala, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering,
Youngstown State University, Ohio, U.S.A.
Professor Lesley Cala, Australian Research Centre for Medical Engineering,
Murdoch University and The University of Western Australia.

URL: http://www.wseas.org
Click on: WSEAS International Conference on Computers,
12 – 15 July 2004, Vougliameni, Greece.



Special Session at 8th WSEAS International Conference on Computers, 12 – 15 July
2004, Vougliameni, Greece.

URL: http://www.wseas.org Click on: WSEAS International Conference on Computers,
12 – 15 July 2004, Vougliameni, Greece.


International WorkShop EDUHEL’04


URL: http://www.wseas.org Click on: WSEAS International Conference on Computers,
12 – 15 July 2004, Vougliameni, Greece.


WSEAS International Conference on MATHEMATICAL BIOLOGY and ECOLOGY (MABE 2004)

August 17-19, Corfu Island, Greece

SPECIAL SESSION 1: Human Body Parts Modeling
SPECIAL SESSION 2: Modeling biological systems: status of art and perspectives
SPECIAL SESSION 3: Theory and Models in Biomedicine
URL: http://www.wseas.org


5th WSEAS International Conference on


Tehran, Iran, November 15-17, 2004
URL: http://www.wseas.org


6th WSEAS International Conference on


Buenos Ayres, Argentina, March 25-27, 2005
URL: http://www.wseas.org


All the Conference Proceedings are available

1) Books
2) CD-ROM and
3) Web Publishing

SELECTED PAPERS are also published (after further review)

* as regular papers in the WSEAS Transactions on BIOLOGY and BIOMEDICINE or
* as Chapters in WSEAS Book Series.

Please, visit now:
You can BROWSE on-line or you can DOWNLOAD free the recent WSEAS Proceedings
You will need Username – password (they have be given to our members
as well as to all the participants to our new events that will be registered
in some WSEAS conference from now February 21 until March 31, 2004)

WSEAS Books, Journals, Proceedings participate in all major science citation
indexes. ISI, ELSEVIER, CSA, AMS. Mathematical Reviews, ELP, NLG, Engineering
Index Directory of Published Proceedings, INSPEC (IEE)
More Details: http://www.wseas.org Click: “at the Top…”


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