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Society News:

1. ICIAM 2011 Satellite Meeting Invite

Other news:

2. News from the Fields Institute

3. MITACS 2009 Annual Conference: Celebrating 10 Years of Making
Research Count

4. ICMI Educational Interface Between Mathematics and the Industry

5 CAIMS*SCMAI E-News Information

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Item 1
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ICIAM 2011 Satellite Meeting Invite

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from the “Satellite and Embedded Meetings Committee” for the
International Congress on Applied and Industrial Mathematics
happening in Vancouver, Canada (June 18-22, 2011). Like the ICM, this
is a large,
exciting, and international congress that happens every four years.

We are seeking proposals for affiliated meetings (see below for
further detail). Such
meetings can be beneficial for all concerned because a participant can
attend more than
one meeting for less than double the travel cost. This results in
higher participation
levels for both ICIAM and for the affiliated meetings.

If you have questions, please contact one of us.

Jim Crowley, SIAM,
Abba Gumel, University of Manitoba,
Randy LeVeque, University of Washington,
Mary Pugh, University of Toronto,


A *satellite* meeting is a meeting that takes place within a few weeks
of ICIAM 2011 on a
topic of interest to ICIAM attendees in a location that may make it
convenient for ICIAM
participants to combine the events into a single trip.

Satellite meetings have no official connection to ICIAM beyond a cross
listing on the
ICIAM 2011 webpages. ICIAM does not provide any financial or other
support for satellite
meetings. Satellite meetings are organized and run by independent
organizations or
groups. For example, around the time of the ICIAM 2007 Conference in
Zurich, there were
more than two dozen satellite meetings, listed at

An *embedded* meeting is a meeting of some other organization that
takes place during the
week of the ICIAM Conference and that may share some resources with
the main ICIAM
Conference. For example, during the ICIAM
2007 Conference in Zurich, there were four embedded meetings listed at

For ICIAM 2011, we expect few if any embedded meetings.

As a service to the community, the ICIAM Steering Committee has
appointed a Satellite and
Embedded Meetings Committee with the following goals: to encourage
groups to consider
organizing satellite meetings; to consider other meetings and approve
listing them on the
ICIAM webpages as satellite meetings of ICIAM; to create and maintain
a webpage of these
meetings, as a resource for participants and for those organizing
other meetings; and to
consider any requests for embedded meetings.

If you are organizing or considering organizing a meeting that would
qualify as a
satellite meeting, please contact Mary Pugh (
as soon as possible
with the following information:

Name of meeting
Estimated number of participants
Conference webpage (if available)
Other relevant information, such as scope or content of meeting,
organizing society or
affiliate, etc

Feel free to contact us with tentative information for meetings that
are not fully
planned. This information may be useful to others planning related meetings.

If you’re interested in organizing an embedded meeting, please contact
Randy LeVeque

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Item 2
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News from the Fields Institute

Some future activities which may be of interest to members of the CAIMS:

– Thematic program on Mathematics in Quantum Information this summer,
July-August 2009. The focus of the program will
be three streams: Operator Structure, Quantum Marginal, and
Mathematics in Experiment.
There will be a workshop associated with each:

Operator Structures in Quantum Information Workshop, July 6-10

Quantum Marginals and Density Matrices Workshop, July 27-31

Mathematics in Experimental Quantum Information Processing Workshop,
August 10-14
(the last held at the Institute for Quantum Computing, Waterloo)

In addition there will be:

The 9th Canadian Quantum Information Summer School, August 17-21
and the Conference on Quantum Information and Quantum Control, August 24-27

– Thematic Program on Foundations of Computational Mathematics in fall
term, 2009
This program will focus on:

Computational Algebraic Geometry and Symbolic Computation;
Computational Number Theory;
Computational Geometry, Topology, and Dynamics;
Complexity and Computability in Real Computation;
Optimization Theory

Three workshops are planned:

Discovery and Experimentation in Number Theory, September 22-26, 2009
Complexity of Numerical Computation, October 20-24, 2009
Computational Differential Geometry, Topology, and Dynamics, November 17-21

for more information

– Thematic Program on Quantitative Finance in winter/spring term,
2010. There will be four workshops:

Foundations of Mathematical Finance, January 11-15.
Numerical Methods in Finance, March 22-24.
Financial Econometrics, April 23-24
Financial Derivatives and Risk Management, May 24-28, 2010.

There will also be at least five ?oIndustrial-Academic Forums?,
bringing together financial experts from the business
and academic worlds, and the 6th World Congress of the Bachelier
Finance Society will be held June 22-26, 2010,
in conjunction with the thematic program.

The Distinguished Lecture Series will be delivered by Darrell Duffie,
Dean Witter Distinguished Professor of Finance at The Graduate School
of Business, Stanford University,

There will also be several two day Industrial-Academic Forums, dates
to be established:

Financial engineering and ensurance Mathematics
Emissions trading and other market–based solutions to environmental problems
Structured products
Systemic stability and liquidity
Hedge funds

and three graduate courses:

Foundations of Mathematical Finance
Foundations of Mathematical Finance
Interest rates and credit risk

– Thematic Program on Dynamics and Transport in Disordered Systems, in
the winter/spring term, 2011.
See for
up-to-date information.

Some further events, not connected with our thematic programs:

Fields Cryptography Retrospective Meeting, May 11-15

Summer School in Applied Probability, May 11-21, held at Carleton University

The Distinguished Lecture Series in Statistical Science will be
delivered by David Spiegelhalter, Winton Professor of the Public
Understanding of Risk, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, on
May 27- 28 at 3:30 p.m.
International Symposium on Logical Formalizations of Commonsense
Reasoning, University of Toronto, June 1-3

OCCAM-Fields-MITACS Workshop, June 22-26, held at the University of Toronto

2009 Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM), Grand
Bend, Ontario, July 6-13

Technology Integration Meeting, September

Workshop on Adaptive Movement of Interacting Species, September 10-13

Workshop on ?oModelling Indirectly or Imprecisely Observed Data?,
September 24-26, University of Western Ontario

IFID Conference on Retirement Income Analytics , November 25
Workshop ?oMathematical Virology III, planned for end of August or
early September, 2010, at the Fields Institute

There are also regular seminars, such as the Centre for Mathematical
Medicine Seminar Series, the Colloquium/Seminar in Applied
Mathematics, the Toronto Quantum Information Seminars, the Actuarial
Science & Financial Mathematics Group Meetings, the PRMIA Risk
Management Seminars, the Fields Industrial Optimization Seminar, and
the Seminar Series on Quantitative Finance.

For more information on these and all activities at the Institute,
please see

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Item 3
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MITACS 2009 Annual Conference – Celebrating 10 Years of Making Research Count

May 31 – June 5, 2009
Wu Conference Centre, University of New Brunswick Fredericton, NB

Join us in Fredericton for the 2009 MITACS Annual Conference, to be
held at the University of New Brunswick.? The top academics in the
mathematical sciences community will come together to explore advances
and share research results.

This event aims to bring together partner organizations in the
academic, public, private and not-for-profit sectors with university
researchers to generate solutions. This Annual Conference is your
opportunity to participate with others in the mathematical community
by listening to top speakers, network with the mathematical community,
showcase your research by presenting a poster, and socialize with your
peers at a national level.

Plenary Speakers
The five thematic areas of MITACS research will be featured :

Anne Condon, University of British Columbia – Biomedical & Health?
Peter Glynn, Stanford – Communication, Networks & Security
Chris Jones, University of North Carolina – Environment & Natural Resources
Pedro Domingos, University of Washington?Information Processing
Tom Salisbury, York University,?Risk & Finance.

Check back often for updates on speakers and sessions.

Student Subsidies – We strongly encourage the participation of
students at the MITACS Annual Conference. Towards this, we are
allocating significant funds to help defray the cost of poster
preparation, travel and accommodation for graduate students and
post-doctoral fellows. See the event web site for more details.

New this year: Grad Student Skill Enhancement Workshops!
MITACS is proud to showcase the enormously popular Skills Enhancement
Program by offering two workshops designed to complement your skill
set and maximize your conference experience.? Your mathematical skills
have gotten you this far, it?s time to fine-tune your abilities to
effectively communicate and make the right connections, bringing your
talents to the forefront of the academic and industrial communities.

We look forward to welcoming you in Fredericton!


Nous vous remercions de faire circuler ce message et ce poster dans
votre dpartement.

Congrs annuel 2009 de MITACS ?” Clbrons 10 annes de La recherche,
a compte!

Du 31 mai au 5 juin 2009
Centre de confrences Wu, Universit du Nouveau-Brunswick, Fredericton, N.-B.

Soyez des ntres Fredericton l?Toccasion du congrs annuel 2009 de
MITACS qui se tiendra l?TUniversit du Nouveau-Brunswick. Les plus
brillants universitaires en sciences mathmatiques s?Ty runiront afin
d?Texplorer les dernires avances et de partager les rsultats de
leurs recherches.

Cet vnement vise rassembler les reprsentants des organismes
partenaires des secteurs universitaire, public, priv et but non
lucratif et les chercheurs universitaires en vue de produire des
solutions. Cette dition du congrs annuel vous permettra de
participer la vie de la communaut mathmatique en venant couter
des confrenciers de premire classe, faire du rseautage, mettre
l?Taccent sur votre recherche en prsentant une affiche et vous
entretenir avec plusieurs de vos homologues et ce, l?Tchelle

Confrenciers plniers
Les cinq thmes de recherche de MITACS seront examins ?”

Anne Condon, University of British Columbia Secteur Biomdecal et Sant
Peter Glynn, Stanford – Rseaux de Communication et Scurit
Chris Jones, University of North Carolina – Environnement et
ressources naturelles
Pedro Domingos, University of Washington – Traitement de l?Tinformation
Tom Salisbury, York University Risque et finance.

Aide financire aux tudiants

Nous encourageons fortement la participation des tudiants au congrs
annuel 2009 de MITACS. Nous assignons les fonds significatifs pour
aider dfrayer le cot de prparation d’affiche, de voyage et de
logement pour les tudiants des cycles suprieurs et les chercheurs
postdoctoraux. Veuillez visiter le site du Congrs pour plus de dtails.

Une nouveaut cette anne : Ateliers de perfectionnement des
comptences pour tudiants des cycles suprieurs!
MITACS est fier d?Toffrir l?Timmensment populaire Programme de
perfectionnement des comptences en prsentant deux ateliers conus
pour complter le jeu de comptences des tudiants et maximaliser leur
participation au congrs. Ce sont vos connaissances mathmatiques qui
vous ont permis de parvenir l o vous tes actuellement et il est
temps de peaufiner vos aptitudes la communication efficace,
l?Ttablissement de contacts porteurs d?Tavenir et la prsentation de
vos talents aux milieux universitaires et industriels.

Au plaisir de vous accueillir Fredericton!

Dr. Nilima Nigam
Dept. of Mathematics
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, B.C.

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Item 4
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ICMI Educational Interface Between Mathematics and the Industry

The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) and the
International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM) are
pleased to announce the launching, as part of the series of ICMI Studies, of
a joint Study on the theme

*Educational Interfaces between Mathematics and the Industry* (EIMI).

A recent OECD Global Science Forum on “Mathematics in Industry” has
recognized the intimate connections between innovation, science and
mathematics. In view of these connections, there is a need for a fundamental
analysis and reflection on strategies for the education and training of
students and maybe the development of new ones. The EIMI Study (ICMI Study
no. 20) will seek to better understand these connections and to offer ideas
and suggestions on how education and training can contribute to enhancing
both individual and societal developments. It will examine the implications
for education at the intersection of these two communities of practice –
industrialists and mathematicians. The EIMI Study will aim at maintaining a
balance between the perceived needs of industry for relevant mathematics
education and the needs of learners for lifelong and broad education in a
globalised environment.

The two co-chairs for this Study are Alain Damlamian (,
Universit de Paris-Est, France, and Rudolf StrYer (, Justus-Liebig-Universitt GieYen,
Germany. Jos Francisco Rodrigues (, Universidade
de Lisboa, Portugal, is the Local Organiser.

The Discussion Document for the joint ICMI/ICIAM Study, making a call for
contributions, is available on the study website:


The Study Conference of the Study will be held in Lisbon on April 19-23,

Members of the International Programme Committee:

Alain Damlamian (France, co-chair), Rudolf StrYer (Germany, co-chair)
Jos Francisco Rodriguesv(Portugal, host country)
Marta Anaya (Argentina)
Helmer Aslaksen (Singapore)
Gail FitzSimons (Australia)
Jos Gambi (Spain)
Solomon Garfunkel (USA)
Alejandro Jofr (Chile)
Henk van der Kooij (Netherlands)
Li Ta-tsien (China)
Brigitte Lutz-Westphal (Germany)
Taketomo Mitsui (Japan)
Nilima Nigam (Canada)
Fadil Santosa (USA)
Bernard R. Hodgson (Ex officio, ICMI)
Rolf Jeltsch (Ex officio, ICIAM).

Dr. Nilima Nigam
Dept. of Mathematics
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, B.C.

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Item 5
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CAIMS*SCMAI E-News Information

CAIMS*SCMAI E-News is distributed electronically several times a year
by the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics
Society/Societe Canadienne de Mathematiques Appliquees et
Industrielles (

Past issues are available on the web at Submissions are welcome and
should be sent in plain text format to:

Abba Gumel, CAIMS-SCMAI Secretary,

The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of the
Board or Membership of CAIMS*SCMAI.

The editorial policy of this publication is to encourage the
discussion of issues and facilitate the dissemination of
information relevant to Canadian applied and industrial mathematics.

If you wish to have your name removed from the e-mailing list for the
CAIMS*SCMAI E-News, please send an email message
to Abba Gumel as above.


The Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society, which dates from 1979, has a growing presence in industrial, mathematical, scientific and technological circles within and outside of Canada.

Contact CAIMS

Please direct all inquiries about the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society (CAIMS) to: