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Special Issue: 2011 CAIMS*SCMAI Election Results for Board of Directors

Elections were held in the spring of 2011 for President-elect, Secretary
and three Members-at-Large positions on the Board of Directors of CAIMS*SCMAI.

The Secretary position was filled by acclamation, there being only one
candidate (Professor Sharene Bungay, Memorial University of Newfoundland)
for the position. Professor Bungay will serve as Secretary until the 2013
CAIMS*SCMAI Annual Meeting.

We are very grateful for the candidates who put their names forward for the
positions of President-elect (Ian Frigaard (UBC) and Abba Gumel (Manitoba))
and Members-at-Large (Zhangxing Chen (Calgary) Matt Davison (Western),
Hermann Eberl (Guelph), Nilima Nigam (SFU), Hongmei Zhu (York)).

The votes were counted on Wednesday, May 11, 2011, by two staff members of
the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and the Centre for Disease
Modeling, York University (under the direction of Professor Jianhong Wu).
The following were elected:

1. President-elect: Professor Ian Frigaard (2011-2013)
2. Members-at-Large: Matt Davison (2011-2014), Nilima Nigam (2011-2014)
and Hongmei Zhu (2011-2014).

We wish to, once again, thank all those who allowed their names to go
forward in the election, and to congratulate those who were elected.
We thank Professors Lucy Campbell, Rob Corless and Abba Gumel, whose
terms on the Board will end at this year’s AGM, for their outstanding
service to the Society.


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