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CAIMS*SCMAI E-News Volume 03 Number 3
August 2003

Editor: Sue Ann Campbell (


Awards and Honours:

1. Michel Delfour awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in Applied Mathematics

2. Recent appointments to Canada Research Chairs in Applied Mathematics

News from the Institutes:

3. BIRS 2005 Call for Proposals

Other News:

4. Towards a Canadian Research Strategy for Knowledge Dissemination

5. News from the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction

6. Pirelli INTERNETional Award 2003


7.* Dynamics Days 2003

8.* SIAM Conference on Mathematics for Industry: Challenges and Frontiers

9.* Workshop on Discrete Models for Genetic Regulatory Networks

10.* The 33rd International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering

11.* International Conference on Nonlinear Dynamics and Evolution Equations

12.* 2004 International Conference on Computational Science

13.* 2004 Gordon Research Conference on Theoretical Biology & Biomathematics

14.* 2005 International Conference on Scientific Computation and Differential

Position Announcements:

15. Director of the Fields Institute

16. MITACS-CRC PDF in Mathematical Epidemiology of SARS (York/Queen’s)

17. CAIMS*SCMAI E-News Information

* Links to the web pages for these and other conferences can be found
by clicking on “Upcoming Meetings and Workshops” at the CAIMS*SCMAI home



Congratulations to CAIMS*SCMAI member Michel Delfour, Professor in the
Department of Mathematics and Statistics and member of the Centre de
recherches mathematiques of the University of Montreal who has been nominated
Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation for 2003-2004. This
nomination comes with a grant to relieve him from his teaching and
administrative duties and devote his time to his project Intrinsic theory of
thin and asymptotic shells.

His interests cover a very broad range of subjects in Applied Mathematics
including control, optimization, design, scientific computing, shape
optimization, with applications such as assignment of radio frequencies
in large urban areas, image processing, control of structures, design
and control of medical devices.


Felicitations Michel Delfour, membre du CAIMS*SCMAI, professeur au
Departement de Mathematiques et de Statistique et membre du Centre de
recherches mathematiques de l’Universite de Montreal, qui a ete nomme Fellow
de la John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation pour lannee 2003-2004. Cette
nomination est accompagnee d’une bourse qui lui permettra de se consacrer
plein temps au projet Theorie intrinsque des coques minces et asymptotiques
qu’il avait soumis la fondation.

Ses interts en mathematiques appliquees couvrent un trs large spectre de
sujets incluant le contrle, l’optimisation, le design, le calcul scientifique,
l’optimisation de forme, avec des applications comme l’affectation des
frequences radio, le traitement des images, le contrle des structures, et
le design et le contrle des dispositifs medicaux.



Congratulations to CAIMS*SCMAI member Lindi Wahl, who has
recently been appointed as a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair
in Mathematical Biology at the University of Western Ontario.

Other recent CRC appointments in Applied Mathematics include:
Ivar S. Ekeland (Tier 1, Mathematical Economics) British Columbia
Rachel A. Kuske (Tier 2, Industrial Mathematics) British Columbia
David Sankoff (Tier 1, Mathematical Genomics) Ottawa
David J. Thomson (Tier 1, Statistics and Signal Processing) Queen’s



Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 11:02:42 -0400 (EDT)


BIRS is now accepting proposals for programmes for its 2005 season.

Guidelines and online application forms for the 2005 season are available
on the BIRS website (

The application DEADLINE is October 10, 2003.

BIRS will be operating for 40 weeks in 2005 and will be running one full
workshop (40 people for 5 days) or two half-workshops (20 people for 5
days) each week. As usual, BIRS provides full meals, accommodation, and
facilities at no cost to the organizers and participants. (Unfortunately
we still are unable to help with travel).

In addition BIRS will operate its Research in Teams and Focused Research
Groups programs, which allow small groups of researchers to get together
for up to 2 weeks of uninterrupted work in a self-contained facility in
our magnificent mountain setting.

BIRS welcomes proposals from all areas of the mathematical sciences
and disciplines with a strong mathematical/statistical components. Its
continued success depends on the quality of the proposals it receives. We
look forward to many exciting applications!


Robert Moody Scientific Director Banff International Research Station



From: Bill Birdsall <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2003 21:39:02 -0300

HALIFAX, June 17, 2003-Towards a Canadian Research Strategy for Knowledge

A group of researchers from the Canadian Association of Research
Libraries, l’Universite de Montreal, and the University of Western
Ontario are launching a two-year study of knowledge dissemination in
Canada. Using an innovative methodology, the investigators, William
F. Birdsall, Jean-Claude Guedon, and Robert E. Babe, along with a team
of collaborators and partners, will examine the current system for
disseminating research knowledge and identify whether Canada needs a
national research strategy in this area.

Knowledge gained through scholarly research contributes to economic,
social, and cultural well-being. However, this research has little value
if it is not shared and disseminated widely. Currently, the Canadian
system for disseminating research knowledge is being challenged on
several fronts, by new technology, globalization, and changing research
patterns. Canada’s response to these drivers will determine its ability to
make use of research knowledge and remain competitive on the international
scene. This study will identify critical areas within the Canadian
scholarly communication system that must be addressed and propose a
comprehensive research strategy for knowledge dissemination in Canada.

Participation by Canadian researchers, the users and creators of
knowledge, is a crucial aspect of this study. Investigators will employ a
web-based consensus process to collect the input of Canadian researchers
and the larger stakeholder community.

The study is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
and the Canadian Association of Research Libraries. Members of the
Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information, the Canadian
National Site Licensing Project, Dalhousie University, and the National
Library of Canada are collaborating in the study.

For more details, visit the project website at or contact
the Principal Investigator:

William F. Birdsall
Canadian Association of Research Libraries
Tel: (902) 835-2821


HALIFAX, le 17 juin 2003- Vers une strategie de recherche canadienne
pour la diffusion des connaissances

Un groupe de chercheurs de l’Association des bibliothques de recherche du
Canada, de l’Universite de Montreal et de l’University of Western Ontario
se preparent lancer une etude biennale portant sur la diffusion des
connaissances au Canada. En s’appuyant sur une methodologie novatrice,
le directeur des recherches, William F. Birdsall, et ses collaborateurs
attitres, Jean-Claude Guedon et Robert E. Babe, ainsi qu’une equipe
de collaborateurs et de partenaires, examineront le systme actuel de
diffusion des connaissances scientifiques, et determineront si le Canada
doit etablir une strategie de recherche nationale dans ce domaine.

Les connaissances acquises dans le cadre de recherches savantes
contribuent au bien-tre economique, social et culturel d’un
pays. Toutefois, ces recherches ont peu de valeur si elles ne sont pas
partagees et diffusees grande echelle. Actuellement, le systme canadien
de diffusion des connaissances scientifiques fait face plusieurs defis,
notamment : les nouvelles technologies, la globalisation et les tendances
changeantes au niveau de la recherche. La reaction canadienne l’impact
de ces facteurs determinera de sa capacite utiliser efficacement les
connaissances scientifiques et demeurer concurrentiel sur la scne
internationale. Cette etude permettra de determiner les secteurs critiques
au sein du systme de communication savante canadien, et proposera une
strategie de recherche exhaustive en ce qui concerne la diffusion des
connaissances au Canada.

La participation des chercheurs canadiens, des utilisateurs et des
createurs des connaissances scientifiques est un aspect essentiel de
cette etude. L’equipe de recherche utilisera un processus de creation de
consensus par le truchement d’Internet, qui lui permettra de recueillir
les commentaires des chercheurs canadiens et de la communaute des
intervenants en general.

L’etude est financee par le Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines
et l’Association des bibliothques de recherche du Canada. De plus, des
membres de l’Institut canadien de l’information scientifique et technique,
du Projet canadien des licences de site nationales, de Dalhousie
University et de la Bibliothque nationale du Canada y collaborent.

Pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements, veuillez visiter le site Web
du projet, l’adresse suivante,, ou communiquer avec le
directeur des recherches :

William F. Birdsall
Association des bibliothques de recherche du Canada
Tel. : (902) 835-2821
Courriel :



From: Eric Muller <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 11:03:02 -0400

The following announcement may be of interest to your members.
Thank you
Eric Muller
Canadian ICMI representative

Dear ICMI Representatives and Chairs/presidents/convenors of ICMI
Affiliated Study Groups,

It is my pleasure and honor to inform you that the Executive Committee of
ICMI has recently approved the request presented by the International
Community of Teachers of Mathematical Modelling and Applications (ICTMA)
to become an Affiliated Study Group of ICMI. The group will be known as
the International Study Group for Mathematical Modelling and Applications
and will be designated under the acronym ICTMA, which has been in use for
a long time among members of the international community that support its

Information about ICTMA and its activities can be found on the website The 11th International Conference on
the Teaching of Mathematical Modelling and Applications will take place in
Milwaukee, USA, next week. Please go to the site for more information.

ICTMA is already close to activities of ICMI, as some of its members are
involved in the 14th ICMI Study on “Applications and Modelling in
Mathematics Education” (, whose
conference will take place next February in Germany.

ICTM of ASGs is described as follows in the (new) Terms of Reference of ICMI:


8. The Commission may approve the affiliation to ICMI of Study Groups,
focussing on a specific field of interest and study in mathematics
education consistent with the aims of the Commission. These Affiliated
Study Groups are independent of ICMI, financially and otherwise, but they
shall produce quadrennial reports to be presented at the General Assembly
of ICMI. The Commission will cooperate, to the extent possible, with the
work of the Study Groups, for example by regularly publishing information
on their activities in the ICMI Bulletin.


The following information appeared in the ICMI Bulletin No 47 (December
1999), p. 24, as a presentation of the ASGs:


Since the mid-70’s, a number of study groups, each focussing on a specific
field of interest and study, have obtained affiliation to ICMI as
so-called Affiliated Study Groups. The current Affiliated Study Groups,
with their year of affiliation to ICMI, are

HPM The International Study Group on the Relations between the History
and Pedagogy of Mathematics (1976)

PME The International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics
Education (1976)

IOWME The International Organization of Women and Mathematics
Education (1987)

WFNMC The World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions (1994)

The Affiliated Study Groups are neither appointed by ICMI nor operating on
behalf or under the control of ICMI. In other words, they work
independently of ICMI, also in terms of finances, but they produce
quadrennial reports to be presented to the General Assemblies of ICMI,
held during the International Congresses on Mathematical Education. In
addition to meeting in connection with the ICMEs, the Affiliated Study
Groups hold separate meetings on a more or less regular basis. Readers
interested in the activities of a specific Affiliated Study Group should
consult its website or be in contact with one of its officers. Addresses
will be found in the pages that follow.


You will find in the same issue of the Bulletin the Terms of reference of
these four AGSs.

More information on the ASGs can be accessed on each Group website:






Best regards to all,


Bernard R. Hodgson
Secretary-General of ICMI — Secretaire general de la CIEM
(International Commission on Mathematical Instruction /
Commission internationale de l’enseignement mathematique)
Departement de mathematiques et de statistique
Universite Laval Quebec G1K 7P4 Canada
Telephone : +1 418 656 2131, poste 2975
Telecopie : +1 418 656 2817
Courriel :



From: “Technical Committee” <>
Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 18:36:10 +0200

Registration is now officially open to the VIII Edition of the Pirelli
INTERNETional Award 2003:

This year, the overall prize is of 100,000 Euros (more than US$ 114,000),
for the first international multimedia competition for the diffusion
of scientific and technological culture, entirely carried out on the
Internet, online since 1996.

The Pirelli Group awards, yearly, the best multimedia works oriented
towards Education, the Environment and the latest Information and
Communication Technologies (ICTs). Specifically, the Eighth Edition of
the Award is composed of six prize categories for the best multimedia

– coming from an Educational Institution (15,000 Euros)
– oriented towards Educational purposes (15,000 Euros)
– concerned with Safeguarding the Environment (15,000 Euros) –
concerned with Describing the Environment (15,000 Euros)
– illustrating its own Delivery Technology (ICT Award of 20,000 Euros)
– made by an under-21 junior on any of the above subjects (10,000 Euros)

In addition, the best of the above main categories will receive the
‘Top Pirelli Prize,’ consisting in an added prize of 10,000 Euros
(please note that additional prizes are currently under consideration;
further information will be released early after the summer holidays.)

Looking forward to your participation, we remain,

Yours faithfully

Technical Committee Pirelli INTERNETional Award

c/o Pirelli, Rome Office Foro Romano, 3 00186 Rome, Italy

phone ++39 06 69517610
fax ++39 06 69517608



From: Julyan Cartwright <>
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 20:25:59 +0200

Dynamics Days 2003
XXIII Annual Conference
4 decades of chaos 1963-2003

24-27 September
Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Dynamics Days is an annual interdisciplinary conference
designed to stimulate interactions amongst researchers with
interests in dynamical systems, particularly those with
nonlinear aspects.

Dynamics Days 2003 will take place from Wednesday 23
September to Saturday 27 September, on the campus of the
University of the Balearic Islands, Palma de Mallorca,

Organizers: Oreste Piro (Palma), Julyan Cartwright (Granada)



Michael Berry
Oriol Bohigas
Leonid Bunimovich
Yves Couder
Pierre Coullet
Theo Geisel
Ray Goldstein
Celso Grebogi
Mogens Jensen
Rafael de la Llave
Marcelo Magnasco
Giorgio Mantica
Igor Mezic
Heinz Georg Schuster
Jorge Tredicce
Angelo Vulpiani

Apart from the plenary talks by the invited speakers, contributed oral and
poster communications by participants are expected to form a large and
important part of the meeting. Abstract submissions are therefore
enthusiastically encouraged. Most of the accepted oral contributions will
be arranged together with the plenary talks in a single session.

Additionally, a part of the conference will be devoted to special
minisymposium sessions around common selected themes. These sessions will
contain both key note talks and contributions. We anticipate having
minisymposia on the following themes, but additional ones may be
announced later.

Biological systems
Socio- and econodynamics
Quantum chaos
Chaotic communication
Mixing and fluids

Deadlines for submissions: To be considered for an oral presentation,
abstracts must be received by the organizers by 31st July. No limit will be
placed on the number of posters.

The registration fee is 250 euros; there is a reduced fee of 150 euros
for students.

There is a limited amount of funding available to enable students to attend
who could not otherwise afford to do so, especially those from eastern Europe.
Details of the funding and how to apply for it are given on the conference Web
site – see below.

Accommodation for participants may be booked through the conference Web site.

Online registration and further information can be found on the
conference web pages at
These pages are being updated as further information is available, so please
check them regularly.



SIAM Conference on Mathematics for Industry:
Challenges and Frontiers (MI03)
The Metropolitan Hotel, Toronto, Canada
New Dates: October 13-15, 2003

New registration deadline!
Pre-Registration Deadline is Monday, September 15, 2003.

Registration for this conference is available at:

For additional information, contact SIAM Conference Department at



Workshop on Discrete Models for Genetic Regulatory Networks
Hilton Conference Center
College Station, TX
November 5-6, 2003

The workshop will consist of from 12 to 14 invited talks, each 45 minutes
with 15 minutes for discussion. Topics for the workshop will be probabilistic
(and deterministic) Boolean networks, Bayesian networks, other models for
discrete genetic regulatory networks, and measures of multivariate gene
interaction. The number of attendees will be limited to 75 in order to
create an atmosphere for meaningful dialogue in this newly emerging area.

Edward Dougherty, Texas A&M University

Technical Committee:
Ilya Shmulevich, University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
Ioan Tabus, Tampere University of Technology
Xiaodong Wang, Columbia University
Seungchan Kim, Translational Genomics Research Institute
Ronaldo Hashimoto, University of Sao Paulo

Details about the workshop (list of invited speakers and workshop
registration, etc) are available at



International Conference on Nonlinear Dynamics and Evolution Equations
July 6-10, 2004, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s

Atlantic Association for Research in the Mathematical Sciences
Centre de Recherches Mathematiques
Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences

PURPOSE: This conference will provide an opportunity
for scientists in the fields of differential equations and dynamical
systems with applications to expose their recent new results, to
exchange their new ideas, to explore new methods and new applications,
to discuss future directions of research, and to initiate possible
research collaborations.

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Hermann Brunner (Memorial), Andy Foster (Memorial),
Margarita Kondratieva (Memorial), Brian Sleeman (Leeds), Jianhong
Wu(York), Yuan Yuan (Memorial), Xiaoqiang Zhao (Memorial, Co-Chair),
Xingfu Zou (Memorial, Co-Chair).


P. Bates (confirmed), Michigan State University, USA;

S.-N. Chow (confirmed), Georgia Institute of Technology, USA;

J. Cushing (confirmed), University of Arizona, USA;

W. Craig (confirmed), McMaster University, Canada;

E. N. Dancer (confirmed), University of Sydney, Australia;

M. Lewis (tentative), University of Alberta, Canada;

W. Langford (confirmed), University of Guelph, Canada;

T. T. Li (confirmed), Fudan University, China;

K. Mischaikow (confirmed), Georgia Institute of Technology, USA;

W. M. Ni (tentative), University of Minnesota, USA;

C. Rousseau (confirmed), University of Montreal, Canada;

B. D. Sleeman (confirmed), University of Leeds, UK;

H. L. Smith (confirmed), Arizona State University,USA;

H.-O. Walther (confirmed), University of Giessen, Germany;

G. Webb (confirmed), Vanderbilt University, USA;

J. Wu (confirmed), York University, Canada;

P. van den Driessche (confirmed), University of Victoria, Canada;

Z. J. Xia (confirmed), Northwestern University, USA;

Y. Yi (confirmed), Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.


The conference website is at
Participation is by invitation in general. However,
any researcher (including graduate students and postdocs) active in this
fields and interested in attending the conference is encouraged to
contact the organizers (E-mail:



From: “Call for Paper” <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 19:42:07 +0900

First Announcement & Call for Papers

The 33rd International Conference on Computers and Industrial
Engineering March 25-27, 2004 Ramada Plaza Hotel, Jeju, Korea.

The 33rd International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering
will provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, and educators in
Industrial Engineering, Information Engineering and related areas can
share and exchange theirs and issues in a professional and friendly
environment. The conference theme is “New Paradigm of Industrial
Engineering – Creative Enhancement of IE Technology and Application”.

TRACKS: All topics of IE/MS and information engineering are welcome,
including but not limited to: – Manufacturing Systems & Processes –
Logistics & Supply Chain Mgmt – Industrial Engineering Education –
Intelligent manufacturing Systems – Project Management – Engineering
& Technology Mgmt – CAD/CAM – Deterministic Operations Research –
Information Technology – Environmentally – Conscious Mfg – Probabilistic
Operations Research – Web Applications, e-Business – Agile/Lean
Manufacturing – Computational Intelligence – TOC applications – Facilities
Planning & Design – Statistical Modeling and Simulation – Ergonomics
and Human Factors – Planning and Scheduling – Quality, Reliability &
Maintenance – Knowledge Management – Inventory Control – Decision
Analysis – Engineering Economy – Customer Responsive Manufacturing –
Heuristics/Meta – Heuristics – Networking and Communications

Call for Invited Session

Authors are encouraged to organize a session in the
topics relevant to the Conference. Interested session organizers are
requested to submit a proposal, including the title of session, title
of papers, and a list of participating authors and their affiliation,
by October 31, 2003 to


Interested authors should submit a 350-word abstract in English
by October 31, 2003. Please submit abstracts electronically on the
website, to Identify
your preferences for the tracks in order to assist us in the arrangement
of your presentation in an appropriate session. Include the following
details in the abstract: Title, Track (List shown above), name(s) of
Author(a), Affiliation(s), and E-mail address(es), and the full contact
information of the corresponding author, including mailing address,
telephone and fax numbers. After receipt of the acceptance of the
abstract, send full papers to the same address above.

– Submission of extended abstract (to be received by) Oct. 31, 2003
– Notification of acceptance Nov. 30, 2003


For more information, please visit:


Hosted By : Cheju National University (Korea)
Sponsored By : Computers and Industrial Engineering, An International
Co-Sponsored By :
Korean Institute of Industrial Engineering
The Korean Society of Supply Chain Management
The Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society
Center for Industrial & Management Engineering Research Resources
The Asia-Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Society


Dr. Mohamed I. Dessouky, Conference Chair, Editor, COMPUTERS AND
INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, an International Journal, University of
Southern California (USA),
Dr. Jin Hwan Ha, Conference Co-Chair & Organizing Chair, Dean of College
of Engineering, Cheju Nat. University,
Dr. Jang-Hyung Kim, Organizing Co-Chair, Computer Engineering, Cheju
National University (Korea), +82-64-754-3651,
Dr. M. Sadek Eid, Program Chair, Industrial Engineering, Universite de
Moncton (Canada),
Dr. Heung-Suk Hwang, Program Co-Chair, Former President of KIIE,
Industrial Engineering, Dongeui University(Korea), +82-51-890-1657,
Dr. Mitsuo Gen, Program Co-Chair, Graduate School of Information,
Production & Systems, Waseda University (Japan), +81-93-693-5273,
Dr. Chiung Moon, Secretary, Information & Industrial Engineering, RIET,
Hanyang University (Korea), +82-31-400-5268,



From: “ICCS Conference Secretary” <>
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 17:11:34 +0200 (CEST)

* ICCS’2004
* International Conference on Computational Science
* Krakow, Poland
* June 7 – 9, 2004

ICCS’2004 is the follow-up of the highly successful ICCS’2003 in St.
Petersburg and Melbourne, ICCS’2002 in Amsterdam, and ICCS’2001 in San

We kindly invite you to submit:
– a paper
– a proposal to organise a workshop

For more informatation please see:

The ICCS’2004 Proceedings will be published in Springer LNCS(on CD
and/or in full print).

Important dates:

Proposal of workshops…………………. October 15, 2003
Paper submission……………………… December 01, 2003
Proposal of exhibitions……………….. January 15, 2004
Notification of acceptance of papers……. February 01, 2004
Camera ready papers…………………… February 15, 2004


Marian Bubak……… Scientific Chair
Dick van Albada…… Workshop Chair
Jack Dongarra…….. Overall Co-chair
Peter M.A. Sloot….. Overall Chair



Gordon Research Conference on
Theoretical Biology & Biomathematics
June 6 – 11, 2004
Tilton, School
Tilton, NH
Chairs: Tim Elston & Ray Mejia
Vice-Chair: Paul Bressloff

This Gordon Research Conference serves to introduce students and bring
participants to the forefront of areas of investigation covered by
Theoretical Biology & Biomathematics. This year the topics given below
have been selected for discussion at the plenary sessions. Poster sessio=
will afford participants an opportunity to present and discuss work in
all areas of Theoretical Biology & Biomathematics.

Emergent Species/Diseases and Invasion
Discussion Leader: Carlos Castillo-Chavez

Theoretical Ecology
Discussion Leader: Graciela Canziani

Discussion Leader: Ramit Mehr

Discussion Leader: Paul Bressloff

Motors and Motility
Discussion Leader: Ed Pate

Systems Biology/Molecular Regulatory Networks
Discussion Leader: John Tyson

Stochastic Effects in Gene Regulation and Signal Transduction
Discussion Leader: Jeff Hasty

Discussion Leader: Aaron Fogelson

The Future of Biomathematics and Theoretical Biology
Discussion Leader: Alan Hastings

A detailed program will be posted within the next few months at .

Be sure to apply early and submit an abstract for a poster presentation.
See for details.



From: Samuel Shen <>
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 09:23:20 -0600

SciCADE 2005

2005 International Conference on Scientific
Computation and Differential Equations

May 23-27, 2005
Nagoya Congress Center (NCC),
Nagoya, Japan



From: “Elaine Riehm” <>
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 14:37:57 -0400

The Fields Institute invites applications and nominations
for the position of Director, effective 1 July 2004.

The Fields Institute, founded in 1992, carries on specialized year-long
programs, seminars, workshops, short courses, and a broad spectrum of
activities across the mathematical sciences that bring together experts,
young mathematicians, and graduate students to work on issues of current
interest. It is housed in its own building on the campus of the University
of Toronto. The Institute has a staff of fifteen and can accommodate up
to seventy-five visiting members.

The Director is the chief executive officer with responsibility for
scientific leadership and overall operations. Candidates should have
a strong international stature in the mathematical sciences as well as
proven administrative experience.

The term of office is three to five years renewable once.

For further information:

Search committee: Derek Corneil, Alan George (Chair), Bradd Hart,
Richard Kane, Philip Siller, Margaret Wright

Director Search
Fields Institute
222 College Street
Toronto, Ontario M5T 3J1



MITACS-CRC PDF in Mathematical Epidemiology of SARS

Applications are being sought for a postdoctoral fellowship in
Mathematical Epidemiology, to be held jointly in the Department of
Mathematics and Statistics at York University in Toronto, Canada and
the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Queen’s University
in Kingston, Canada. The successful applicant will be the focal
participant of a team of mathematicians, statisticians, virologists,
epidemiolgists, and biologists developing theory for understanding
and containing the spread of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
(SARS). Duties will involve carrying out mathematical analyses and
simulations, facilitating communication with members of the research
team working on different aspects of the project, and writing scientific
manuscripts for publication. Salary: $35,000/year, renewable for 2 years.
This position is jointly funded by MITACS (Mathematics for Information
Technology and Complex Systems: and the
Canada Research Chair Program (

Email applications are encouraged. Send applications to:

Professor Jianhong Wu Laboratory for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, York University fax:614-736-5757


Professor Troy Day Department of Mathematics and Statistics Jeffery
Hall, Queen’s University fax:613-533-2964 phone:613-533-2431

Review of the application will start on August 1st, although later
applications will be considered



CAIMS*SCMAI E-News Information

CAIMS*SCMAI E-News is distributed electronically several times a year by the
Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society/Societe Canadienne de
Mathematiques Appliquees et Industrielles

Past issues are available on the web at

Submissions are welcome and should be sent in plain text format to:

The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of the Board or
Membership of CAIMS*SCMAI. The editorial policy of this publication is to
encourage the discussion of issues and facilitate the dissemination of
information relevant to Canadian applied and industrial mathematics.

If you wish to have your name removed from the e-mailing list for the
CAIMS*SCMAI E-News, please send an email message to


The Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society, which dates from 1979, has a growing presence in industrial, mathematical, scientific and technological circles within and outside of Canada.

Contact CAIMS

Please direct all inquiries about the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society (CAIMS) to: