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CAIMS*SCMAI E-News Volume 20, Number 7

December 14, 2020

Editor: Jacques Bélair (


  1. MSI special issue: The Mathematics of COVID-19, call for papers
  2. CMS/CAIMS Book Series
  3. BIRS Career and Innovation HUB
  4. CAIMS-BIRS Workshop & Atelier SCIAM-CRM – Save the Date!
    Effective Communications Skills for Applied Mathematicians: Engage Diverse Audiences and Broaden Your Impact
  5. New EDIM committee and new agenda.
  6. Ottawa’s Applied Analysis Day Talks on the CAIMS YouTube Channel
  7. Kennedy Chair in Mathematical Biology (UVic)
  8. CAIMS Award Nominations now open
  9. Call for Membership and Renewal


1) MSI Special Issue: The Mathematics of COVID-19, CALL FOR PAPERS

The Modelling of SARS-Cov-2 and the epidemiology of COVID-19 has led to interesting and non-trivial mathematical challenges. The journal MSI (Mathematics in Science and Industry) is  a natural venue to collect and discuss these exciting new mathematical developments.  MSI will provide a diverse and stimulating collection of articles on this topic within a single issue for maximum impact.  We invite contributions of original research papers on the mathematics of COVID-19 for this special issue. Deadline: March 31, 2021.


2) CMS/CAIMS Book Series

The CMS/CAIMS Books in Mathematics is a collection of monographs and graduate-level textbooks published in cooperation jointly with the CMS, CAIMS, and Springer. This series offers authors the joint advantage of publishing with two major mathematical societies and with a leading academic publishing company. The series publishes works in all areas of mathematics from the very pure to the highly applied. Books in this series will appeal to all mathematicians, students and established researchers.  All works are peer-reviewed to meet the highest standards of scientific literature. The series replaces the CMS Books in Mathematics series that successfully published over 45 volumes in 20 years.

The first issue has now been published:

  • A. Buttenschoen, T. Hillen, Non-local Cell Adhesion Models, Symmetries and Bifurcations in 1D, CMS/CAIMS Book Series 1, 2020, Springer.


3) BIRS Career and Innovation HUB

The Banff International Research Station (BIRS), together with CAIMS,  has launched a Career & Innovation Hub running from October 16, 2020 to March 2021.

The Career & Innovation Hub is an online series of monthly seminars and workshops culminating in a three-day virtual career fair in March 2021. The program’s aim is to bring our upcoming math science workforce together with science and technology companies in emerging fields. Students will learn how their expertise is suited to today’s job market and what employers are seeking when hiring employees with mathematical, statistical, and computational backgrounds.


4) CAIMS-BIRS Workshop & Atelier SCIAM-CRM – Save the Date!    Effective Communications Skills for Applied Mathematicians: Engage Diverse Audiences and Broaden Your Impact

The Effective Communications Skills for Applied Mathematicians Workshop is a series of 5 online modules for faculty and graduate students looking to hone their ability to communicate with the general public via live interviews, op eds, blogs, or expert witness, etc.  There will be two separate workshops, one delivered entirely in English, and the other entirely in French.

The workshop will run every Thursday and Friday in May and the first week of June.  Each module consists of two three-hour sessions on consecutive days.  The Module titles are:

  1. Communication with non-scientists: Why me?
  2. Effective communication principles: Communicating mathematics to the lay audience
  3. Writing compelling commentary
  4. Becoming more effective in media interviews
  5. When research results are controversial

Spots are limited, so be sure to register early!  Look for further announcements in January.


5) new EDIM committee and new agenda.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) has become a major consideration across the country, and so CAIMS/SCMAI has expanded the mandate of the membership committee to include work on EDI.  Many thanks to Amy Hurford (MUN) for chairing this new committee.  The committee’s mandate is to monitor the position and interests of women, those with disabilities, LGBTQ+ communities, as well as other underrepresented groups in Canada and in our Society; to recommend actions to the Board of Directors which will assure equitable treatment of these groups in the mathematical community; and to encourage their participation in applied and industrial mathematics at all levels.


6) Ottawa’s Applied Analysis Day Talks on the CAIMS YouTube Channel

Ottawa’s Analysis Days invited lectures have been shared on our YouTube channel. Check out the talks from Prof. Mary Pugh (U of T)  Using Adaptive Time-Steppers to Explore Stability Domains, and Prof. Bard Ermentrout (Pitt) Follow your nose: The Mathematics of Olfactory Navigation.

If you have content you wish to share broadly with the CAIMS community and the public via YouTube, please contact our Communications Officer at


7) Kennedy Chair in Mathematical Biology (UVic)

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Victoria invites applications for the Gilbert and Betty Kennedy Chair in Mathematical Biology.


8) CAIMS Award Nominations now open

Consider nominating someone for one of our prizes and awards. The deadline for submissions is January 31, 2021.


9) Call for Membership and Renewal

Become a CAIMS/SCMAI member now! The world needs applied mathematicians, now more so than ever before. As applied mathematicians we influence policy, economy, scientific developments, public health and communication. As a group we can be most effective if we are organized in societies and representative groups, such that we can speak with one voice and make our insights heard.  The Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society – Societé Canadienne de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles has represented the Canadian applied and industrial mathematical community for several decades, and it has enabled us to have impact and opportunities, which we could have never achieved individually.

A membership of CAIMS comes with many benefits, such as

  • Being part of a friendly, open, and vibrant applied math community
  • Access to free open access publication through MSI (Mathematics in Science and Industry)
  • Access to publishing in the CMS/CAIMS Book Series of Springer.
  • Access to scientific blogs and opportunity to write a blog yourself
  • Priority registration for the CAIMS Annual Meeting
  • Access to targeted conferences such as the BIRS Innovation and Career HUB, the CAIMS/BIRS Communication workshops, the first and second CAIMS/PIMS Coronavirus modelling conferences, etc.
  • Access to highly prestigious research awards of the society.

And all this for just $80 CAD per year for an individual membership. Become a member today!
Thomas Hillen (President of CAIMS)


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