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I. Current Year (2023-2024)our members are so active and enthusiastic!

  • In the 2024 CAIMS Meeting on 23-27 June 2024 at Queen’s University in Kingston, our active group members are organizing several symposia (sessions) with themes on various aspects of mathematical biology. For details, explore the website: Symposia in 2024 CAIMS Meeting

II. CAIMS Distinguished Lectures in Mathematical Biology.
The purpose of the annual CAIMS Distinguished Lecture in Mathematical Biology is to (i) provide access to high quality international speakers in mathematical biology to all interested campuses and mathematical biology programs in Canada; (ii) encourage mathematical biology dialogue across Canada by providing researchers across the country with a common speaker series; (iii) raise the profiles of mathematical biology and CAIMS in Canada; (iv) provide smaller programs (with limited resources) access to high calibre international speakers. If you want to host such a lecture in your institute, please contact Dr. Xingfu Zou at ( ).

2023 CAIMS Distinguished Lectures in Mathematical Biology:

  • Frank Hilker (University of Osnabrueck, Germany) —Mathematical models of a social-ecological system: coupling lake pollution dynamics and human behavior, Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2023, 4:00pm Eastern Time (US and Canada).(hosted by Frithjof Lutcher).
  • Watch the recorded video of the talk

Past Distinguished Lectures:

  • 2022: Yihong Du (University of New England, Australia) —Rate of propagation for the nonlocal Fisher-KPP equation with free boundary in high space dimensions,   given at the University of Western Ontario on August 8, 2022 (hosted by Xingfu Zou).
  • 2020: Jimmy Garnier from CNRS at the Université de Savoie-Mont Blanc (France), talk given at the University of Alberta (hosted by Mark Lewis and Rebecca Tyson (UBC)) —Cancelled due to covid-19 pandemic.
  • 2019:  Simon Levin from Princeton University,
    talk at the University of Victoria (hosted by Pauline van den Driessche)
  • 2018: Christina Cobbold from University of Glasgow, talk given at University of Ottawa (hosted by Frithjof Lutscher)
  • 2017: Kevin Painter from Hariot-Watt University,  talk given at the University of Alberta (host by Thomas Hillen)
  • 2016: Michael Bonsall from Oxford University, talk given at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan (hosted by Rebecca Tyson)
  • 2015: Laurent Pujo-Menjouet from University of Lyon,talk-part-1 and part-2 given at York University (hosted by Jianhong Wu)

III. Past other events sponsored/organized by our members

Our members are also actively involved in organizing various events
in mathematical biology. Below are some recent examples:


The Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society, which dates from 1979, has a growing presence in industrial, mathematical, scientific and technological circles within and outside of Canada.

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