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Mathematical Biology Members

The Mathematical Biology Activity Group at CAIMS is the organisational hub of mathematical biology in Canada. To facilitate communication and cross-fertilization of ideas among members of the group, we plan to host a mixer and to sponsor a plenary talk at the CAIMS annual meeting, we plan to hold an annual one-day symposium on mathematical biology in conjunction with the CAIMS annual meeting, we offer this website, our facebook page, and an email list. Current members of the group are listed below together with their research areas. We always welcome new members. If you are interested, please send an email to Xingfu Zou (xzou <at>

Current members

Name Affiliation Research Interests Email
Arino, Julien University of Manitoba epidemiology, population dynamics
Ashby, Ben Simon Fraser University/td>

epidemiology, ecology, evolution, coevolution
Belair, Jacques Universite de Montreal/Cambam vector-borne diseases, mathematical haematology
Bauch, Chris University of Waterloo ecology, sustainability
Bertram, Jason University of Western Ontario theoretical population genetics, evolutionary dynamics, stochastic processes, population dynamics
Bolker, Ben McMaster University epidemiology, ecology, evolution
Bungay, Sharene Memorial University of Newfoundland mathematical physiology
Buono, Luciano UOIT Animal movement (aggregation, spatial ecology, gaits)
Campbell, Sue Ann University of Waterloo mathematical neuroscience,
Chen, Yuming Wilfrid Laurier University population dynamics, epidemiology
Cojocaru Monica University of Guelph game theory, optimization and complex dynamics applied to population health models
Colijn, Caroline Simon Fraser  University Infection, evolution, phylogenetics
Coombs, Daniel University of British Columbia theoretical immunology, disease dynamics
Craig, Morgan Université de Montréal Quantitative medicine, mathematical hematology and immunology, quantitative systems pharmacology
Cytrynbaum, Eric University of British Columbia cell biology
Day, Troy Queens University evolution, epidemiology
de Vries, Gerda University of Alberta physiology and cell biology, dynamical systems
Doebeli, Michael University of British Columbia evolutionary biology
Dushoff, Jonathan McMaster University evolution and spread of disease
Earn, David McMaster University epidemiology, ecology, evolution
Guo, Hongbin Public Health Agency of Canada/University of Ottawa Mathematical epidemiology
Eberl, Hermann University of Guelph microbial systems,
environmental engineering, mathematical apiculture, scientific computing
Edelstein-Keshet, Leah University of British Columbia cell motility, social aggregation
Edwards, Roderick University of Victoria neural and gene networks
Erdemci-Tandogan, Gonca Western University computational biology
Heffernan, Jane York University mathematical epidemiology, mathematical immunology
Hillen, Thomas University of Alberta cell motility, cancer modeling
Humphries, Tony McGill University delay equations, mathematical hematology
Hurford, Amy Memorial University of Neufundland theoretical ecology, epidemiology
Khadra, Anmar McGill University mathematical neuroscience, quantitative immunology, cellular dynamics
Kolokolnikov, Theo Dalhousie University collective behaviour, reaction-diffusion systems
Kong, Jude York University Spatial ecology, mathematical epidemiology, dynamical systems
Layton, Anita University of Waterloo mathematical physiology
Lewis, Mark University of Alberta mathematical ecology
Li, Michael University of Alberta Infectious diseases, viral dynamics, immune response, public health
Liao, Kang-Ling University of Manitoba DDEs, cell signaling, cancer immunotherapy
Lutscher, Frithjof University of Ottawa mathematical ecology, dynamical systems
Ma, Junling University of Victoria Mathematical epidemiology
Mackey, Michael McGill University/CAMBAM gene regulation, control of cell proliferation/differentiation
Magpantay, Felicia Queens University delay equations, ecology, epidemiology, stochastic models
McCluskey, Connell Wilfrid Laurier University epidemiology, delay equations
Mideo, Nicole University of Torotno Theoretical and Computational Biology, Ecology of Populations, Evolutionary Epidemiology
Moghadas, Seyed York University agent-based modelling
Otto, Sarah University of British Columbia Evolutionary biology, dynamical models
Popovic, Lea Universite de Montreal stochastic processes, systems biology
Portet, Stéphanie University of Manitoba cell biology, cytoskeleton
Roussel, Marc University of Lethbridge biochemical modeling
Smith?, Robert University of Ottawa infectious disease modeling
Strohm, Shaun Okanagan College mathematical ecology, spatial ecology
Tyson, Rebecca University of British Columbia dispersal, cyclic populations
van den Driessche, Pauline University of Victoria epidemic models and stability of systems
Vasilyeva, Olga Memorial University, Grenfell campus mathematical ecology and epidemiology
Wahl, Lindi Western University population genetics, microbial evolution
Wang, Hao University of Alberta mathematical biology; population dynamics; multi-scale modeling; microbiology
Wang, Lin University of New Brunswick Mathematical biology and applied dynamical system
Wang, Xiaoying Trent University Mathematical biology, predator-prey models, applied dynamical systems
Watmough, James University of New Brunswick mathematical ecology, mathematical epidemiology
Wild, Geoff Western University population biology, evolutionary biology
Wilkie, Kathleen Ryerson University cancer modeling, mathematical immunology, systems biology
Willms, Allan University of Guelph applied dynamical systems, population biology
Wolkowicz, Gail McMaster University population dynamics, chemostat, bifurcations
Wu, Jianhong York University mathematical biology, infection dynamics, neural networks
Yuan, Yuan Memorial University of Newfoundland DDE models in ecology and epidemiology
Zhu, Huaiping York University vector-borne diseases, climate change, bifurcation
Zou, Xingfu Western University DDE and R-D models, virus dynamics, disease spread

The Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society, which dates from 1979, has a growing presence in industrial, mathematical, scientific and technological circles within and outside of Canada.

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