Conceptual illustration of a plant-like network

Mathematical Biology Members

The Mathematical Biology Activity Group at CAIMS is the organisational hub of mathematical biology in Canada. To facilitate communication and cross-fertilization of ideas among members of the group, we plan to host a mixer and to sponsor a plenary talk at the CAIMS annual meeting, we plan to hold an annual one-day symposium on mathematical biology in conjunction with the CAIMS annual meeting, we offer this website, our facebook page, and an email list. Current members of the group are listed below together with their research areas. We always welcome new members. If you are interested, please send an email to Xingfu Zou (xzou <at>

Current members

NameAffiliationResearch InterestsEmail
Arino, JulienUniversity of Manitobaepidemiology, population
Belair, JacquesUniversite de Montreal/Cambamvector-borne diseases, mathematical
Bauch, ChrisUniversity of Waterlooecology,
Bertram, JasonUniversity of Western Ontariotheoretical population genetics, evolutionary dynamics, stochastic processes, population
Bolker, BenMcMaster Universityepidemiology, ecology,
Bungay, ShareneMemorial University of Newfoundlandmathematical
Buono, LucianoUOITAnimal movement (aggregation, spatial ecology, gaits)
Campbell, Sue AnnUniversity of Waterloomathematical,
Chen, YumingWilfrid Laurier Universitypopulation dynamics,
Cojocaru MonicaUniversity of Guelphgame theory, optimization and complex dynamics applied to population health
Colijn, CarolineSimon Fraser  UniversityInfection, evolution,
Coombs, DanielUniversity of British Columbiatheoretical immunology, disease
Craig, MorganUniversité de MontréalQuantitative medicine, mathematical hematology and immunology, quantitative systems
Cytrynbaum, EricUniversity of British Columbiacell
Day, TroyQueens Universityevolution,
de Vries, GerdaUniversity of Albertaphysiology and cell biology, dynamical
Doebeli, MichaelUniversity of British Columbiaevolutionary
Dushoff, JonathanMcMaster Universityevolution and spread of
Earn, DavidMcMaster Universityepidemiology, ecology,
Guo, HongbinPublic Health Agency of Canada/University of OttawaMathematical
Eberl, HermannUniversity of Guelphmicrobial systems,
environmental engineering, mathematical apiculture, scientific computing
Edelstein-Keshet, LeahUniversity of British Columbiacell motility, social
Edwards, RoderickUniversity of Victorianeural and gene
Erdemci-Tandogan, GoncaWestern Universitycomputational
Heffernan, JaneYork Universitymathematical epidemiology, mathematical
Hillen, ThomasUniversity of Albertacell motility, cancer
Humphries, TonyMcGill Universitydelay equations, mathematical
Hurford, AmyMemorial University of Neufundlandtheoretical ecology,
Khadra, AnmarMcGill Universitymathematical neuroscience, quantitative immunology, cellular
Kolokolnikov, TheoDalhousie Universitycollective behaviour, reaction-diffusion
Kong, JudeYork UniversitySpatial ecology, mathematical epidemiology, dynamical
Layton, AnitaUniversity of Waterloomathematical
Lewis, MarkUniversity of Albertamathematical
Li, MichaelUniversity of AlbertaInfectious diseases, viral dynamics, immune response, public
Liao, Kang-LingUniversity of ManitobaDDEs, cell signaling, cancer
Lutscher, FrithjofUniversity of Ottawamathematical ecology, dynamical
Ma, JunlingUniversity of VictoriaMathematical
Mackey, MichaelMcGill University/CAMBAMgene regulation, control of cell proliferation/
Magpantay, FeliciaQueens Universitydelay equations, ecology, epidemiology, stochastic
McCluskey, ConnellWilfrid Laurier Universityepidemiology, delay
Mideo, NicoleUniversity of TorotnoTheoretical and Computational Biology, Ecology of Populations, Evolutionary
Moghadas, SeyedYork Universityagent-based
Otto, SarahUniversity of British ColumbiaEvolutionary biology, dynamical
Popovic, LeaUniversite de Montrealstochastic processes, systems
Portet, StéphanieUniversity of Manitobacell biology,
Roussel, MarcUniversity of Lethbridgebiochemical
Smith?, RobertUniversity of Ottawainfectious disease
Strohm, ShaunOkanagan Collegemathematical ecology, spatial
Tyson, RebeccaUniversity of British Columbiadispersal, cyclic
van den Driessche, PaulineUniversity of Victoriaepidemic models and stability of
Vasilyeva, OlgaMemorial University, Grenfell campusmathematical ecology and
Wahl, LindiWestern Universitypopulation genetics, microbial
Wang, Hao University of Albertamathematical biology; population dynamics; multi-scale modeling;
Wang, LinUniversity of New BrunswickMathematical biology and applied dynamical
Wang, XiaoyingTrent UniversityMathematical biology, predator-prey models, applied dynamical
Watmough, JamesUniversity of New Brunswickmathematical ecology, mathematical
Wild, GeoffWestern Universitypopulation biology, evolutionary
Wilkie, KathleenRyerson Universitycancer modeling, mathematical immunology, systems
Willms, AllanUniversity of Guelphapplied dynamical systems, population
Wolkowicz, GailMcMaster Universitypopulation dynamics, chemostat,
Wu, JianhongYork Universitymathematical biology, infection dynamics, neural
Yuan, YuanMemorial University of NewfoundlandDDE models in ecology and
Zhu, HuaipingYork Universityvector-borne diseases, climate change,
Zou, XingfuWestern UniversityDDE models, virus dynamics, disease