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Mathematics in Science and Industry

The official Journal of CAIMS / SCMAI

The journal AIMS Mathematics is fully indexed. Since MSI is published in AIMS Mathematics, all of our articles are indexed.


Aims and scopes

Mathematics in Science and Industry (MSI) is the official journal of the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematical Society / Societé Canadienne de Mathématique Appliquées et Industrielles (CAIMS/SCMAI). We invite contributions in all areas of applied and industrial mathematics.

MSI is an international journal that publishes mathematically innovative research papers and review papers on topics relevant to real-world applications. Typical mathematical methods include, but are not limited to: dynamical systems, ordinary, partial, and stochastic differential equations, variational methods, optimization, numerics, stochastic processes, probability, models of mathematical physics, mathematical finance, fluids, mechanics, mathematical biology, and mathematical medicine. Applications include physics, geophysics, finance, biology, microbiology, medicine, epidemiology, engineering, industrial applications, chemistry, nano-technologies, computer science, social sciences, and other sciences.

Articles in MSI contain a closing section (typically called Discussion or Conclusion) that relates the results to the application discipline in a format that is accessible to non-experts. Authors are encouraged to submit English and French abstracts, with the paper itself being in English.

MSI is published by the American Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)


To help promote the new MSI journal, the official journal of CAIMS/SCMAI, please consider posting a flyer in your department or at appropriate events. Downloads are provided on Letter Paper or A4 Paper.


    • Submissions are currently accepted via e-mail to the chief editors: Sue Ann Campbell ( and Rebecca Tyson (
    • Special issues: Organizers of special issues will be guest editors for the special issue and also write a preface (2-3 pages) for the issue.

LaTex Templates

All articles for MSI are configured in the style files of AIMS Mathematics found here.

Editorial Board

Editors in Chief:

Associate Editors:

  • Lia Bronsard (McMaster University)
  • Richard Craster (Imperial College on London, UK)
  • David Earn (McMaster University)
  • Jane Heffernan (York University)
  • Nicholas Kevlahan (McMaster University)
  • Yong-Jung Kim (KAIST, Korea)
  • Mark Lewis (University of Alberta)
  • Kevin J. Painter (Heriot-Watt University, UK)
  • Vakhtang Putkaradze (University of Alberta)
  • Katrin Rohlf (Ryerson University)
  • John Stockie (Simon Fraser University)
  • Jie Sun (Clarkson University, USA)
  • Justin Wan (University of Waterloo)
  • Michael Ward (University of British Columbia)
  • Tony Ware (University of Calgary)
  • Brian Wetton (University of British Columbia)

(c) Mathematics in Science and Industry, the official journal of CAIMS/SCMAI, published by AIMS.


The Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society, which dates from 1979, has a growing presence in industrial, mathematical, scientific and technological circles within and outside of Canada.

Contact CAIMS

Please direct all inquiries about the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society (CAIMS) to: