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Jane Heffernan

Dr. Jane Heernan is a York University Research Chair in the Department of
Mathematics & Statistics. Dr. Heernan leads the Modelling Infection and Immunity lab (MI2), and is
the Director of the Centre for Disease Modelling (CDM). The MI2 lab develops multi-scale quantitative
methods for evidence-based health policy, from within a host (immunology) to a population of hosts
(epidemiology), including decision-making processes at government and individual levels. The MI2 lab is
funded by NSERC, CIHR, MITACS, PHAC, and the Government of Ontario. Dr. Heernan is involved
in international immunization and public health research networks, and serves on the international
Society for Mathematical Biology board of directors. She has organized workshops, summer schools and
mentoring programs, and has developed an undergraduate program in Mathematical Biology. Awards
include the Governor Generals Gold Medal, NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship (Warwick, UK), NSERC
University Faculty Award, MRI Ontario Early Researcher Award, and the Petro-Canada Young
Innovators Award.


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