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2015 CAIMS-Fields Industrial Mathematics Prize

CAIMS*SCMAI and The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences are pleased to announce that Prof. Sean Bohun of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology is the winner of the 2015 CAIMS-Fields Prize in Industrial Mathematics. Prof. Bohun obtained his PhD in 1998 from the University of Victoria and has been a faculty member at UOIT since 2006. He will receive the award and deliver a plenary lecture at the 2015 Annual CAIMS*SCMAI meeting in Waterloo in June, 2015.

Prof. Bohun was cited for “invaluable contributions to the Canadian industrial mathematics community beyond any normal measures”, in particular as an organizer and participant of “nearly every Industrial Modelling Workshop held in Canada, since their inception in 1998” and for his role as founding editor of ICIAM’s newsletter Dionia.

A classically trained applied mathematician, Prof. Bohun “has come up with exciting and valuable insights into problems ranging from mineral processing to tissue engineering and scheduling. This has led to new theoretical developments in the theory of PDE models for thermoelasticity and free boundary problems.”

This year, CAIMS*SCMAI is pleased to have the Fields Institute as the co-sponsor for the Industrial Mathematics Prize. This prize was formerly called the CAIMS-Mprime Industrial Mathematics Prize, during which time Mprime was the co-sponsor.


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