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Past Annual Meetings


Simon Fraser University, Whistler, BC
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Local Organizers:

Weiran Sun and Manfred Trummer from SFU

Scientific Themes and Organizers:
  • Compressed Sensing/Data Science (Ben Adcock, SFU)
  • Scientific Computing (Steve Ruuth and Manfred Trummer, SFU)
  • Math Biology & Mathematics in Health Sciences (Caroline Colijn, SFU)
  • Fluid Dynamics/Industrial Applications (Huaxiong Huang, Fields & York Univ)
  • Applied Analysis and PDEs (Slim Ibrahim, UVic, and Weiran Sun, SFU)
  • Mathematical Finance (Anthony Ware, UCalgary)


Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario
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Local Organizers:

D. Delic, K. Georgiou, J.P. Pascal, K. Rohlf, K. Wilkie, F. Xanthos

Scientific Themes and Organizers:
  • Computational Mathematics and Applications: K. Rohlf
  • Mathematics of Disease and Ecology: J. Heffernan, R. Tyson, K. Wilkie, E. Foxall
  • Canadian Symposium on Fluid Dynamics: Joint meeting with CAIMS: J.P. Pascal, K. Rohlf, N. Kevlahan
  • Financial Mathematics: M. Davison, F. Xanthos
  • Discrete Optimization and Applications: K. Georgiou


Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Local Organizers:

David Iron (Dal), Theodore Kolokolnikov (Dal), Paul Muir (St. Mary’s)

Scientific Themes:
  • Canadian Symposium on Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
  • Dynamical Systems and PDEs
  • Data Science
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Industrial Mathematics


2016 University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta
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Local Organizing Committee:

Peter Minev, Thomas Hillen, Rouslan Krechetnikov and Morris Flynn.

Scientific Themes:
  • Canadian Symposium on Fluid Dynamics
  • Applied Analysis and Dynamical Systems
  • Mathematical Biology
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Scientific and High-Performance Computing
  • Mathematics of oil industry


Wilfrid Laurier University (joined with AMMCS), Waterloo, Ontario
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The Congress was an international event combining the AMMCS and CAIMS meetings at the same location. The AMMCS Conference Series aimed at promoting interdisciplinary research and collaboration involving mathematical, statistical and computational sciences within a larger international community. It focused on recent advances in Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Computational Science (AMMCS). The 2015 AMMCS-CAIMS Congress was organized in cooperation with AIMS and SIAM.


Delta Bessborough, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Local Organizing Committee:

Gordon Sarty, Raymond Spiteri (chair)

Scientific Themes and Organizers:
  • Canadian Society for Fluid Dynamics: L. Campbell, P. Minev, R. Owens
  • Applied Analysis and Dynamical Systems: L. Buono, A. Oberman, M. Ward
  • Mathematical Biology: H. Eberl, T. Hillen, X. Xiao
  • Financial Mathematics: M. Davison, B. Remillard, T. Ware
  • Scientific and High-Performance Computing: R. Haynes, A. Fortin, S. Ruuth


Hotel Chateau Laurier, Quebec City, Quebec
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Scientific Themes:
  • Industrial Mathematics
  • Mathematics in Biology and Medicine: Issues and Perspectives
  • Dynamical Systems
  • Computational Mechanics and Mathematics in the Geosciences
  • First Canadian Symposium in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing (CSNASC)


Fields Institute for Research in the Mathematical Sciences, Toronto, Ontario
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Scientific Themes and Organizers:
  • Applied Analysis (including Dynamical Systems): L. Buono (UOIT), M. Ward (UBC)
  • Computational Mathematics and Discrete Mathematics:
    R. Spiteri (Saskatchewan), B. van Rensburg (York)
  • Fluid Dynamics (in conjunction with the biennial Canadian Symposium on Fluid Dynamics): I. Frigaard (UBC), R. Karsten (Acadia), B. Protas (McMaster)
  • Mathematical Biology and Medicine: S. Sivaloganathan (Waterloo), P. van den Driessche (UVic)
  • Mathematical Finance: M. Davison, A. Metzler (UWO)


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Key features of the Congress included:
  • Thematic minisymposia across the breadth of applied and industrial mathematics
  • Invited Speakers
  • Over 500 contributed mini-symposia
  • Industrial mathematics. There was a focus on application of mathematics to problems arising from industry, the economy and society
  • Poster sessions consisting of research posters presented by students, academics and industry.
  • Embedded and satellite meetings. The CAIMS, Mitacs and SIAM Annual Meetings was held concurrently with the Congress.The Association for Women in Mathematics celebrated its 40th anniversary at ICIAM 2011.
  • Public outreach sessions were organized in the forms of public lectures, interactive displays, special activities for representatives from government agencies and departments, and press activities.
  • Exhibits. Exhibitors were housed in the central gathering area to maximize exposure.


2010 Memorial University, St. Johns, Newfoundland.
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University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario.
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