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GAP Connector

CAIMS/SCMAI Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Fellow Connector

The GAP Connector lists names and research interests of senior PhD-graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in applied and industrial mathematics, forming a central hub for applied mathematicians to find new talent in our area.

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  • Senior graduate students in a PhD program and postdoctoral fellows can enter their information into the submission form 
  • Established faculty members and seminar organizers can browse the list of names to identify young researchers in their area. This can lead to seminar invitations, conference invitations, new collaborations, and possibly hiring opportunities.  

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There are some rules:
  • This is a free CAIMS/SCMAI service for PhD Graduate students and Postdoctoral fellows training at Canadian Universities in applied and industrial mathematics.  
  • Please be aware that all information submitted in the form may be shared publicly on our website. Do not submit any personal or private information. 
  • Submissions will be accepted at any time.
  • In order to keep our listing up-to-date, the list will be cleared on August 1st each year.  
  • Submissions will be reviewed. Inappropriate content will be removed. 


If you find this service useful, consider becoming a CAIMS/SCMAI member or asking your department to become an institutional member.


2020/21 GAP Connector Listings

Scientific Computing
Name and ContactResearch InterestsLinks
Meichen Liu, U Alberta, PhDStatistics


Industrial Mathematics
Name and ContactResearch InterestsLinks


Mathematical Biology
Name and ContactResearch InterestsLinks
Carlos Contreras, U Alberta, postdocreaction network kinetics, machine learning, bifurcationswebsite
Micah Brush, U Alberta, postdocTheoretical ecology, Spatial ecology, Mountain pine beetleTwitter: @MicahBrush
Yurij Salmaniw, U Alberta, PhD candidatepartial differential equations, parabolic systems, habitat loss, animal movements, movement ecology, memory and learningwebsite
Yonatan Ashenafi, U Alberta, postdocStochastic Modeling, Microhydrodynamics, Active Matter, Bayesian methods.
Arwa Baabdulla, U Alberta, PhDSpatiotemporal models, Oncolytic virotherapy, Virus Infection, Pattern formation
Peter Harrington, U Alberta, PhD candidateMarine Metapopulations, Transient Dynamics, Sea Lice and Salmon Farmswebsite


Financial Mathematics
Name and ContactResearch InterestsLinks


Fluid Dynamics
Name and ContactResearch InterestsLinks
Alain Gervais, U Alberta, PhDInternal gravity waves, stratified fluids, numerical methods, PDEslinkedin


Dynamical Systems
Name and ContactResearch InterestsLinks