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Welcome to the CAIMS-SCMAI Blog

Web-blogs have become a new medium of information exchange. The members of the  Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematical Society work on hot topics, relevant to every-day issues such as epidemic spread, medical treatments, climate change, species dynamics, financial markets, industrial products and processes, and many more. Our members have invested considerable time and energy to become experts in various areas. We have something to offer.

Let our voice be heard! Let us use this blog to explain scientific facts to a wider audience and let us fight misunderstandings of issues of common interest. Let us not just stand aside to misinformation, but showcase, in a positive and friendly way, that applied mathematics is exciting, and it helps understand the world around us.

I invite all members, and friends and colleagues, to contribute to this blog. We would be glad to host little articles on climate change, benefits of vaccination, financial risks, math economy, graduate education, the role of Stats in Math, obstacles for interdisciplinary work, math and cancer, math and bees, the role of Math in AI, EDI and mathematics, and any of your suggestions.

To submit a blog, please contact either our communications officer, Dr. Kathleen Wilkie or myself (Thomas Hillen, The CAIMS board will keep an eye on the blog contributions to ensure that posts are respectful and do not promote inappropriate content.


Thomas Hillen, U Alberta, CAIMS President 2019-2021


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The Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society, which dates from 1979, has a growing presence in industrial, mathematical, scientific and technological circles within and outside of Canada.

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