Abstract illustration of an array of lines

CAIMS 2015 Annual Meeting

The CAIMS 2015 Annual Meeting will be held June 7-12 in Waterloo, Ontario.

Local Organizing Committee: Roderick Melnik

Themes (and organizers) for the meeting include:

  • The 2nd Canadian Symposium on Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis (Scott MacLachlan, Justin Wan, Hans de Sterck, Ben Adcock)
  • Industrial Mathematics (Huaxiong Huang, John Stockie, Odile Marcotte, Sean Bohun)
  • Mathematical Biology (Frithjof Lutscher, Lea Popovic)
  • Applied analysis and dynamical systems (Xingfu Zou, Dmitry Pelinovsky, David Iron)
  • Applied and computational mechanics (Marek Stasna, Bartek Protas)

More information can be found on the meeting website.