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CAIMS*SCMAI 2015 Election: Call for Nominations

CAIMS*SCMAI will be holding an election next winter (March 2015) for:

  • One Member-at-Large position on the Board of Directors
  • Secretary
  • President-Elect

The member-at-large position will fill the position to be vacated by Roderick Melnik, whose term will come to an end in 2015. The Secretary position will be vacated by Sharene Bungay. The President-Elect position will be vacated by Ray Spiteri, who will become President at the 2015 Annual Meeting. At that time, Ian Frigaard will become the Past-President, in the position vacated by Jianhong Wu. The Secretary and President-Elect appointments will be for two years, while the member-at-large position will be for a three-year term.

All members of CAIMS*SCMAI are invited to put forward names of candidates for these offices. Nominations should reach the CAIMS Secretary, Sharene Bungay <sharene@mun.ca> by January 31, 2015.